Sekthaus Raumland: Crafting Excellence in Sparkling Wines

Sekthaus Raumland: Crafting Excellence in Sparkling Wines.

Learning about wine, its origin and the choices made that lead up to each individual bottle, is best done by visiting a winery. This is what we do from time to time with our team, an opportunity for us to learn from the best of the best. Last year we visited Germany’s top sparkling wine producer, Sekthaus Raumland, where we were welcomed with open arms.

In the world of sparkling wines, Sekthaus Raumland stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Located in the picturesque region of Rheinhessen, Germany, this family-owned winery has been producing exceptional sparkling wines since its inception. Sekthaus Raumland is considered one of the best, if not the best, sparkling wine producers and was the first German Sekthaus to join the ranks of the prestigious German VDP.

With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and a deep understanding of the art of winemaking, Sekthaus Raumland has carved a niche for itself in the world of fine bubbles. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Sekthaus Raumland and explore what makes this winery so special.

A Legacy of Excellence, the Raumland Family

Founded in 1981 by Volker Raumland and his wife Heide-Rose, Sekthaus Raumland has been on a remarkable journey of crafting some of the finest sparkling wines in Germany. Volker Raumland, a passionate and dedicated winemaker, set out to produce Sekts (German sparkling wines) that would rival the best in the world.

Over the years, he honed his skills, experimented with various grape varieties, and adopted meticulous winemaking techniques to create exceptional sparkling wines that are a true reflection of the region’s terroir.

Volker and Heide-Rose Raumland’s daughters, Marie-Luise and Katharina, represent the next generation of the Raumland family winemaking dynasty. They have not only embraced their family’s winemaking heritage but have also brought their unique perspectives and expertise to the table.

Katharina and Marie-Luise both have experienced life ‘outside of the wine world’ but ultimately were drawn to the winemaking trade, after studying oenology and viticulture and gaining experience at well-respected producers in Germany, South Africa, England and France.

Together, the two sisters represent the bridge between tradition and innovation at Sekthaus Raumland. They are actively involved in every aspect of the winery, from tending to the vineyards to shaping the winery’s brand identity. Their dedication to preserving their family’s legacy while adapting to evolving tastes and technologies is a testament to the winery’s enduring success.

Raumland’s Winemaking Philosophy

At the heart of Sekthaus Raumland’s success lies the winemaker’s unwavering philosophy: “Great wines are created in the vineyard.” This belief reflects their commitment to nurturing the vines with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that the grapes harvested are of the highest quality. Each step in the winemaking process, from handpicking the grapes to the delicate process of secondary fermentation, is executed with precision and an eye for detail.

The winemaker’s patience and dedication are exemplified in their vintage Sekts, where the wines are allowed to age gracefully for extended periods in their cellars. These patiently aged sparkling wines develop complex flavors and aromas, revealing layers of character that can only be achieved through time. Sekthaus Raumland’s approach to winemaking emphasizes quality over quantity, with each bottle representing the culmination of years of expertise and craftsmanship.

Terroir Expression

The terroir of Rheinhessen plays a significant role in shaping the character of Sekthaus Raumland’s sparkling wines. The region’s unique soil composition, microclimates, and topography contribute to the distinct flavors and aromas found in their Sekts. Volker Raumland and his team have a deep understanding of how to harness these natural attributes to create wines that are a true reflection of their origin.

Sekthaus Raumland’s vineyards are strategically located on some of the best sites in Rheinhessen, allowing them to work with a variety of grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir. This diversity enables the winery to craft a wide range of Sekts that showcase the versatility and potential of the region’s terroir.

A Culmination of Art and Science

Crafting exceptional sparkling wines requires both artistry and scientific precision. Sekthaus Raumland embraces this duality by combining traditional winemaking techniques with modern technology. Their state-of-the-art winemaking facilities are equipped with the latest equipment, enabling them to control every aspect of the winemaking process with precision.

The secondary fermentation, a crucial step in sparkling wine production, is conducted using the traditional method, where the wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle. This labor-intensive process results in the creation of fine and persistent bubbles, a hallmark of quality Sekts.

The Sparkling Portfolio

One of the hallmarks of Sekthaus Raumland is its diverse and impressive portfolio of sparkling wines. They produce a wide range of Sekts, each offering a unique tasting experience. Here are some of their notable offerings:

  • Blanc de Blancs: Sekthaus Raumland is renowned for its Blanc de Blancs, made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes. These wines are characterized by their elegant and crisp nature, with notes of green apple, citrus, and a delightful minerality.
  • Vintage Selection: The winery produces vintage sparkling wines, showcasing the exceptional quality of grapes harvested in specific years. These wines undergo extended aging on the lees, resulting in complex and nuanced flavors.
  • Rosé Sekts: For those who prefer a touch of rosé, Sekthaus Raumland offers beautifully crafted rosé Sekts. These wines are vibrant, with delicate berry notes and a refreshing acidity.
  • Special Editions: The winery occasionally releases limited-edition Sekts, often aged for extended periods, showcasing the winemaker’s creativity and dedication to excellence.

Awards and Recognition

Sekthaus Raumland’s commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed. The winery has received numerous awards and accolades over the years, both nationally and internationally. These awards serve as a testament to their unwavering pursuit of perfection in sparkling winemaking.

When it comes to Volker Raumland himself there is nothing but praise about his achievements. Nationally, but also internationally, Volker is seen as a respected sparkling wine producer, and his achievements even earned him the nickname ‘the Pope of Sekt’.


Sekthaus Raumland is a shining example of the dedication and passion that goes into crafting exceptional sparkling wines. With a commitment to sustainability, a diverse portfolio of exquisite Sekts, and a legacy of excellence, this family-owned winery continues to set the bar high in the world of German sparkling wines.

With each bottle bearing the mark of dedication and expertise, Sekthaus Raumland continues to inspire wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, inviting them to savor the essence of Germany’s sparkling wine heritage.

Whether enjoyed on a special occasion or as an everyday indulgence, a glass of Sekthaus Raumland Sekt is a testament to the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. It is safe to say that Sekthaus Raumland promises a delightful journey through the world of fine bubbles, and a taste of the German terroir at its best.

Sekthaus Raumland exports to most big international markets and their wines are available for purchase directly or through various importers and retailers. They can also be found in a large number of top restaurants all over the world.

On behalf of the whole Dutch Wine Apprentice team we would like to thank the Raumland family for their time and hospitality, we hope to see you soon again!