About us

My name is Niels and I am the founder of Dutch Wine Apprentice. Coming from a country (the Netherlands) that is not exactly known for great wines I did not grow up with vineyards and grapes around me. My love and interest in wine came alive at a later age when I got introduced to fine dining, which led me to the discovery of all sorts of different wines. After a while my curiosity got the best of me and I have emerged myself in the topic of wine and winemaking, to find out how these differences come alive. I decided that I wanted to grow my wine knowledge, in order to better understand what sommeliers and wine sellers were talking about and to make more educated choices myself.

I spent hours with my nose in books and absorbing online content and decided to start my Instagram profile in 2020 (Dutch Wine Apprentice) to follow fellow wine lovers and share my learnings with others. After that I signed up for a wine course with the biggest wine educator in the world, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). I successfully completed the intermediate level; WSET 2 and am now continuing my education, preparing for the professional level; WSET 3.

In 2022 Dutch Wine Apprentice was expanded with a selection of wine writers. With our team we are now offering an even wider view on the world of wine.


The Team

Niels Aarts

Starting with zero experience in wine Niels got fascinated by the world of wine in 2020, when he founded “Dutch Wine Apprentice”.

With a theoretical basis formed by WSET (2 & 3) he rapidly built one of the biggest wine platforms in the Netherlands, with an international focus.

His personal favorites come from Germany, South Africa, Spain and Italy but also the French classics have their place in his book.

Kobie Grobbelaar

South African by origin Kobie knows her way around in this beautiful wine country. Residing partially in the Netherlands she is now immersing herself more into Europe’s Old-World wine countries.

Her favorite grape and wine must be Chenin Blanc, with a strong love for South Africa’s Swartland.

Kobie can be found on Instagram under her profile Time to Wine Down.

Eline de Geus

Dutch and living in the South of the Netherlands our Eline has a background in marketing and a true passion for wine. Besides this she is a gifted photographer.

She completed the Dutch SDEN wine course as well as WSET 2. Her favorites can be found in the German Pfalz, France’s Burgundy and Champagne regions and Italy’s Piedmont.

Eline can be found on Instagram under her profile The Wine Atelier.

Inma Muñoz

Although we are fortunate to have Inma in the Netherlands, she embodies the essence of Spain. She spends a lot of her time in Spain and has an extensive knowledge of Spanish wine regions, wineries and wines. Inma is an official wine educator in D.O Malaga, D.O Alicante and D.O Condado de Huelva.
Having successfully completed WSET Level 3, she passionately imparts her expertise to wine enthusiasts through her masterclasses, focusing on the exquisite wines of Spain. Inma has a special predilection for the Ribera del Duero appellation in particular and for all Spanish wines in general.
Inma can be found on Instagram under her profile: 


Kazumi Uejo

Our Kazumi is a Japanese wine enthusiast and WSET Diploma (level 4) Graduate, her home is in the Netherlands now.

Her wine journey dates back to living in California through memorable wine trips. She has continued to travel to Tuscany, Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Melbourne, Santorini, and some in Germany.

Kazumi has enjoyed both DipWSET and her real journey, alongside her passion for writing the experiences.

Kazumi can be found on Instagram under her profile. Kazuming Wine Food.

Judi Veldwijk

Close to finishing her study “International Hotel Management” it was her school that made Judi’s interest in wine peak. She completed a WSET 3 and has a never-ending hunger for wine knowledge, often looking at trends and innovative approaches in winemaking.

Besides her study she works in a restaurant. The world is her playground and she is not shy to use new ways to teach wine enthusiasts about wines.

Judi can be found on Instagram under her profile Judi Veldwijk.

Kirsten Andringa

In 2008 Kirsten started her journey in wine, completing a Minor in Vinology during her time at university. Later on, she completed Dutch SDEN 3.  She also worked for one of the biggest wine importers of the Netherlands.

Her favorite wine countries are Italy and France, with a big love for the Rhône region. Curious as she is Kirsten likes to discover lesser known grape varieties, such as her current favourite, Arneis from Piedmont Italy. Should you have any recommendations let her know!

Kirsten can be found on Instagram under her profile Côte Blonde.

Martijn Coenen

As a restaurant owner and wine lover Martijn is surrounded by wine for most of his life. After finishing his education in one of the Dutch hospitality schools he expanded his theoretical knowledge with Dutch SDEN 3 as well as WSET 2.

His big love, besides his family of course, must be Riesling. More specifically German Riesling.

Martijn can be found on Instagram under his profile Wijn met Martijn.

Michelle van de Vosse

For Michelle wine certainly is one of her big passions. She makes it her mission to teach others more about wine as well, in a very personal and understandable manner.

She has completed Dutch SDEN 2 and is currently studying SDEN 3. Her favorite wine regions can be found in Italy and France, but she is really open to learn more about New World wines and lesser known wine regions.

Michelle can be found on Instagram under her profile Mies’ Wine journal.

Nadine Massen

Former Michelin rated sommelier Nadine works as a marketing communications manager now, responsible for hospitality tradeshows.

She completed WSET 2 and is currently studying for her WSET 3 exam.

She is a sucker for cool climate wines. Her favorites can be found in France (Champagne and Burgundy), Germany and Austria. As of late she has also built an increased interest in Eastern European wine countries.

Nadine can be found on Instagram under her profile Nadine Massen.

Jelena van Eerdenburg

Jelena has a Masters in Law but about 10 years ago her life turned into a different direction. Wine became a significant part of her life.

She loves to read and write about wine and is currently studying WSET Diploma Course & Weinakademiker in Austria.

If you say Jelena you say Champagne, there is no wine without Champagne for her. Her thirst for Champagne has led to excellent knowledge of the best houses in Champagne.

Jelena can be found on Instagram under her profile Somm in the House.

Hermen Jansen

By day he works as a Legal Counsel and at night he becomes a Wine Advocate. Hermen is intrigued by the diversity of the wine world and has a passion for introducing good wine to others.

Certified SDEN 3 and WSET 3 his theoretical knowledge is certainly on par, but he is not likely to stop there.

Cool climate wines are his favorites, with France and Germany at the top of his list.

Hermen can be found on Instagram under his profile Origine Wijnen.

Renée van Son

Renée has a big love for food and wine. Her passion for wine made her dig deeper into the different wines of the world and started a discovery. Discovering wines is not just something she does for herself but also for others, working in a wine store where she surprises others with her choices.

WSET 2 graduated and currently studying WSET 3 she has formed a solid foundation for her wine knowledge. Amongst her personal wine favorites you can find full bodied wines with elegance but also cool climate wines, in particular Champagne.

Renée can be found on Instagram under her profile Renée.

Liza Verbeek

Liza inherited her love for wine from her grandfather. He and the rest of her wine-loving-family made sure that she never stopped asking and discovering.

Recently wine study has taken up quite a bit of her time. In the meanwhile she is a WSET 2 graduate and will be starting Dutch SDEN 3 later in 2023. Always thirsty for new wine knowledge she loves to be surprised by the elegance and stories behind wines.

Liza can be found on Instagram under her profile Delizious Wines.

Teri Wheeler

Born in South Africa but raised in Australia this lady knows her wines. Teri is now living in the Netherlands but has already built an impressive career in the wine industry, working for some of Australia’s top wineries and wine tech company Vivino.

She is a WSET 3 graduate, studying WSET 4 now and also teaches WSET classes herself in the Netherlands. An Australian Cabernet of a crisp Chablis will make her heart go faster and with her regional expertise of the Australian and New Zealand wine industry we are happy to have this expert in our midst.

Teri can be found on Instagram under her profile T.W. Wine Professional.

Benjamin Roelfs

Benjamin is a true Alsace lover. This region forms so much of his passion that you cannot have a conversation on wine with him without touching that topic. He works in a wine lab, testing wines and is also a wine writer, working on his first book on the Alsace. Besides this region he also has a particular interest in the German Ahr region and Austria.

As WSET 3 graduate he has written for multiple wine platforms such as Jancis Robinson, Falstaff, The Drinks Business and Academie du Vin. He also helps to keep the Old Vine register from Jancis Robinson up-to-date.

Benjamin can be found on Instagram under his profile Benjamin on Wine.

Chantal de Jong

As a legal professional, Chantal has an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge (and wine). In just one year she has successfully finished three SDEN wine courses and is about to start WSET 3.

Her favorite thing to do is visit wine regions and taste her way around the world. Chanti feels right at home in almost any wine country, but has a special interest in Italy. She distils her knowledge in an educational and entertaining manner through her Instagram page.

Chanti can be found on Instagram under her profile vinoconchanti @vinoconchanti

Jorick Wimmers

Starting his love for wine when living in New Zealand Jorick pursued his passion and built a vast understanding of the wine world as a whole. If he would have to choose a favorite it is however safe to say that Italy is his biggest love. This can be seen in the portfolio he carries as a wine importer.

 Besides being a sommelier and importer, he completed a number of (inter)national wine courses, including Dutch SDEN and WSET (both level 3). He is also a certified gastronomical sommelier.

Jorick can be found on Instagram under his profile @miocantinadelvino.

Barbora Peterikova

Born in Czechia Barbora set out to discover the world when she was 19 years old. The first stop on her wine journey brought her to Copenhagen, where she worked as a sommelier in an Italian restaurant. What followed was an immersive experience in Melbourne, Australia, where she got the best of the local wine culture. Eventually she landed in Amsterdam where she became head sommelier at Restaurant Wils, that received its first Michelin star within the first year after opening.

Besides her work as a sommelier she is currently studying to become a Master of Wine, a prestigious course that only few in the world successfully finish.

You can find Barbora on Instagram under her profile Barbora Peterikova.

Bo van Damme

Who says being a nurse and a wine enthusiast do not go well together? Bo proves otherwise.

In 2019, Bo started taking SDEN courses. After that, she switched to WSET3 and successfully completed it. Bo mainly focuses on hosting wine tastings at home, and she envisions running her own online wine shop in the future.

Her favorite wines come from Alto Adige: they are elegant with refreshing acidity, unique, and always have something new to discover. For her wines from this region have the full package.

You can find Bo on Instagram under her profile Babs en Wijn

Marlon Rouw

While working in IT as a graduated Psychologist, Marlon followed her passion for wine and discovering new flavors. She completed WSET 2 & 3 after she fell in love with wine while studying in Strasbourg, France.

Marlon aims to inspire other wine lovers on Instagram, in articles and during wine tastings.

WSET 3 resulted in Marlon appreciating a great diversity of wines, regions, grape varieties and wine making techniques. However, personal favorites of hers are full bodied, buttery Chardonnay, floral Viognier, powerful Barolo and smokey Pinot Noir.

Marlon can be found on Instagram under her profile Wijnoloog

Louise Kleijweg

Over the past years Louise has traveled around the world as an international educator. While working and living in Italy she got intrigued by the world of wine, and all it had to offer. Consequently, she combined her love for travel and viticulture by exploring different wine regions in both the old and new world.

In 2018 Louise completed WSET 1 and 2 in Vietnam. Currently she is studying to complete WSET 3 in the United States, where she is diving deeper into the world of wine and excited about exploring the beautiful wine regions the United States have to offer.

Her favorite wine region is Central Otago in New Zealand, where her love for nature and wine meet.

Louise can be found on Instagram under her profile Wine Lover Abroad

Martin Bronkhorst

Martin is a financial auditor, on his way to become a chartered accountant, but he is also the youngest WSET Diploma graduate in the Netherlands to date.

His passion for wine results in a never ending thirst to explore wine regions and wines. Amongst his personal favorites are German Riesling, Pinot Noir from around the world, Spanish Menica, and South African Elgin & Hemel-en-Aarde wines. Additionally he also fancies fortified and botrytized wines. 

Martin can be found on Instagram und his profile: @martin.bronkhorst