About us

My name is Niels; the Dutch Wine Apprentice. Coming from a country (the Netherlands) that is not exactly known for great wines I did not grow up with vineyards and grapes around me. My love and interest in wine came alive at a later age when I got introduced to fine dining, which led me to the discovery of all sorts of different wines.

After a while my curiosity got the best of me and I have emerged myself in the topic of wine and winemaking, to find out how these differences come alive. I decided that I wanted to grow my wine knowledge, in order to better understand what sommeliers and wine sellers were talking about and to make more educated choices myself.

 I spent hours with my nose in books and absorbing online content and decided to start my Instagram profile (Dutch Wine Apprentice) to follow fellow wine lovers and share my learnings with others. After that I signed up for a wine course with the biggest wine educator in the world, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). I successfully completed the intermediate level; WSET 2 and am now continuing my education, preparing for the professional level; WSET 3.