Vinhos Invencível, Douro and Vinho Verde

Vinhos Invencível, Douro and Vinho Verde.

In this review we are discussing a new Portugese winemaking project: Companhia de Vinhos Invencível. This is a joint project of two big names in the international wine scene, Rita Marquez (Conceito) and Marc Kent (Boekenhoutskloof). We will be reviewing three of their wines.

About the Winery 

Rita Marques, oenologist and passionate winemaker at the Portuguese Douro winery Conceito, and Marc Kent, South African winemaker of the famous Boekenhoutskloof winery, founded Companhia de Vinhos Invencível in Portugal in 2020. The two winemakers, who had previously worked together in South Africa and Portugal, now embraced a greater commitment in acquiring an estate in Casais do Douro. 

The estate is located in the heart of the region of Cima Corgo. The soil where the vines for the Invencível wines grow consist of a graphite lair with concrete and steel. Some of the vines are over 90 years old. The winery works on a biodynamic level and all the grapes are handpicked. Due to the altitude and steepness of the vines the winery has “low yield” meaning that there is a low percentage of grapes coming of each hectare.

The grapes for ‘Natural Mystic’ come from different vineyards, situated in the Portugese Vinho Verde wine region.

About the Wines 

For this winery we are tasting two wines that share the name Invincible, both from the Douro, and one white wine from Vinho Verde named Natural Mystic.

Invencível Vinho Branco 2022

  • White blend: Rabigato, Arinto, Códega and Moscatel
  • Region: Douro
  • Retail price NL: €12

This is a field blend made of Rabigato, Arinto, Códega and a touch of Moscatel. The wine is fermented In RVS tanks and a small part in French oak. Invencível Branco has a fresh and aromatic nose with tones of citrus, green apple and lemon zest. On the palette the wine is lively while its body has some added structure provided by a touch of wood and spiciness, which add comfort and character. The acidity in the wine is high, but feels comfortable in the mout. The finish is long, with remaining tones of citrus.

A very nice and well-made wine. The freshness and complexity earn this wine extra points. We can see ourselves sitting in the Portugese sun, eating some fresh seafood, paired with this nice white wine!  We award this wine with a 89-point DWA score.

Invencível Vinho Tinto 2021

  • Red blend: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz
  • Region: Douro
  • Retail price NL: €12

This wine is a blend of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz. The wine had a ripening of 16 months in French oak. In the nose there is a lot going on with dark fruit like blackcurrant and ripe cherry’s, but also tones of wood (slight hint of vanilla). A very intense fruit driven flavor, combined with a refined tannin structure, strong acidity and nice balance. In the finish the wood slightly prevails.

A well-made wine which pleases us! The structure of the tannins and complexity on the palette make this our favorite in this series. Pairing this wine with a nice piece of grilled meat, or some cold cuts and stronger cheeses, would work perfectly. Even slightly cooled this wine is a joy to drink. We award this wine with a 91-point DWA score.

Natural Mystic – Vinho Verde 2022

  • White blend: Loureiro, Alvarinho and Arinto
  • Region: Vinho Verde
  • Retail price NL: €12

This wine is a blend of the grapes Loureiro, Alvarinho and Arinto. In the nose it carries citrus, lime zest and some peach tones. The palette of the wine is very fresh with a nice acidity and a fruit driven dominance.

A refreshing wine with a nice citrus nose. Fresh for a summer day, paired with light seafood, salads with fish or chicken, but most definitely a good wine for an aperitif. We award this wine with a 87-point DWA score.


This new and exciting project shows us once more what beauty Portugal possesses when it comes to indigenous grapes and old vines. Combining this with a star team such as Marquez and Kent make it even more interesting. The quality and diversity of the wines, combined with strong prices, make this a project to keep an eye on for the future. But do not be afraid to stock up on Invencível already, and enjoy the wines now!

All Invencível wines are imported in the Netherlands by Coenecoop, and available at various retailers amongst which Perfecte Wijn. This review is written by our own Jorick Wimmers.