Tour de France – Ad Libitum Vins Tasting

Tour de France – Ad Libitum Vins Tasting.

Recently we got a fine wine selection provided by importer Ad Libitum Vins. Owned and operated by young entrepreneur and Frenchman Pierre-Nathan Argaud they focus on bringing authentic French wines and the stories behind their wineries to the Netherlands. Pierre travels around France, visiting authentic boutique wineries where he carefully selects his favorites and our Nadine was lucky to try a bunch of them.

For this overview review we are starting with two champagnes, continuing with two whites and finishing with two reds, the perfect way to get to meet the Ad Libitum style. 

The Wine Selection

In this selection of six wines we travel through some of the iconic French wine regions. Sparkling, white and red guide us through Champagne, Burgundy (Cote de Nuits and Beaujolais) and the Rhone Valley. First we start with Champagne.

Champagne Bouquin-Dupont – Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Vielles Vignes, Cuvée Dom

Consumer price: €47,99

DWA score: 93/100

About the Estate

Since the beginning of Champagne, Bouquin Dupont Fils champagnes have enjoyed great notoriety in the region and the rest of France. They do not hesitate to put four different cuvées on the market from their Champagne house in Avize, to the delight of Chardonnay Grand Cru lovers. The Bouquin Dupont Fils Estate was born in 1929 with Paul Emile Gaston Dupont’s acquisition of a vineyard located on the avid terroir “Grand Cru de la Côté des Blancs”. He began winemaking in 1934.

About the Wine

As a real Champagne lover this one left a little space in my heart. It had everything an outstanding Champagne needs. An in-dept and wide palette of numerous flavors, that bounce around on your tongue. From hazelnut and almond to brioche and fresh morning toast, the complex finish of lemon butter making it an amazing glass of Champagne. This Champagne is vinified using oak, adding structure, body and complexity.

Champagne Verrier & Fils – Cuvée Fleuron

90% Chardonnay 10% Pinot noir 

Consumer price: €31,99

DWA score: 84/100

About the Estate

A Champagne producer for 5 generations, in the Marne, Emmanuel Verrier perpetuates artisanal and traditional know-how, from vine to wine. Since 1860, the family estate has continued to grow and perfect its exceptional cuvées. In 1929, his grandfather, Raymond, decided to develop a Champagne wine and expanded the vineyard by buying the best plots on the best terroirs. Today, the farm is spread over 35 plots, spread over 5 hectares of sunny hillsides. It is planted in rustic vines, including half of Pinot-Meunier, 35% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot-noir.

About the Wine

This one is not your average champagne which is a nice surprise. Instead of the typical brioche tones this champagne has light bergamot and herbs in the nose and candied lemon peel on the tongue with a slight nutty aftertaste. Something truly different and worth a try if you are curious for a more non-traditional profile.

Domaine Louis ChomelViognier IGP Myla 2020

100% Viognier

Consumer price: €14,99

DWA score: 88/100

About the Estate

Located in the heart of the Rhône Valley, Domaine Louis Chomel is transmitted from generation to generation. The wine property is located on the heights of Saint-Désirat, sometimes also called “Petit Nice”. It was Louis Chomel who planted the first vines at the beginning of the 20th century, before his son Louis took over the estate in the middle of the century. From now on, the fifth generation is trying to harvest its 22 hectares of vines with respect for nature and traditions.

About the Wine

This Viognier was the most price friendly one of the selection but it was one of our favorites! Viognier is known for its diverse but yet aromatic palette, creating difference in every other wine. This one starts of in the nose with a strong hint of linden flowers and honey. In the mouth it follows a refreshing path with its mixture of citrus acidity and orange peel.


Domaine Guy & Yvan DufouleurHautes Côtes de Nuits “Demoiselle Huguette” 2020

100% Chardonnay

Consumer price: €23,99

DWA score: 92/100

About the Estate

From father to son, rooted for more than 400 years in Nuits St. George, in the heart of the Côte de Nuits and the climates of the Burgundian vineyards. 

The estate covers an area of 30 hectares and is being managed by Yvan Dufouleur, Guy’s eldest son, and his uncle Xavier Dufouleur. The appellations that make up our farm, are available from the village of Fixin, North of the Côte de Nuits, to the village of Santenay, South of the Côte de Beaune.

About the Wine

Chardonnay can take almost any direction. The ones from Burgundy belong to some of our personal favorites, with a mix of minerals and fatty-ness. This particular Chardonnay has been built out of grapes from 30-year-old vines, in 3 different parcels in Concoeur and Chaux, at 350-meter altitude. 1 month of oak barrel vinification and 10 months in 500-litre oak barrels (25% new) give it exquisite buttery and toasty taste. 

Domaine du PenloisHarmony 2015

100% Gamay

Consumer price: €24,99

DWA score: 92/100

About the Estate

Le Domaine du Penlois in the Beaujolais operates over 30 hectares of vineyards spread over the municipalities of Villé -Morgon, Lancie, Romanèche- Thoreins, Chenas, La Chapelle de Guinchay and Julienas. The estate consists of 90% Gamay, Beaujolais for red, and 10% Chardonnay for white and sparkling Beaujolais. Le Domaine du Penlois maintains a high density of plants per hectare. This formula corresponds to the quality requirements to obtain very ripe grapes, essential to the design of very good wines from Gamay. The vineyard is worked naturally with great respect for nature and the wines.

About the Wine

As a Beaujolais lover, especially farmer style Gamay, I knew this one was a match for me. And what a wine! In the nose bursting aromas of red fruits and candied “Haribo style” cherries. In the mouth a pleasurable mouthfeel that is a bit sticky at the back of the tongue. The wine supplier advised me to taste it while just being opened, after a couple of hours and even after a whole day. It is so interesting to do this with these types of wines since they completely change in de taste after certain amounts of time. The smell stayed rather the same except for the fact that it got a bit less strong in fruitiness. After just opening it you get some leather tones and quite a bit of balsamic acidity. After a couple of hours, the acidity fades a little more and makes place for more strong leather tones, this does get smoothened out by the velvet cherry aromas with a vibrant ending. After a day the leather is more switched out by earthy and even more complex tones. I do have to say it was best after leaving it open for a couple of hours since the smell faded away after an entire day. What a journey! 

Domaine Louis ChomelSaint Joseph Dame de Coeur 2020

100% Syrah

Consumer price: €29,99

DWA score: 93/100

About the Estate

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was Louis Chomel who planted the first vines on these lands. It was from 1965 that his son, also named Louis, and his wife Marie-Thérèse took over activities and started planting their vines. They then lived on polyculture, fruit trees and a few vines.

In 1985, Xavier, one of the children, joined them, followed by Laurent ten years later. It was time for the grandparents to retire. Together, the two brothers expand and modernize their vineyards: the farm is growing. It is now the turn of the fourth generation to pursue traditions.

In 2014, Son of Laurent, Samuel decided to join his father and uncle with a common ambition: to produce and wine true and fair wines from their own vineyard. They then created the Domaine Louis Chomel in honor of their grandparents.

Today the estate consists of 22 hectares of vines mainly in the Saint-Joseph appellation. This is how they perpetuate a family history together and continue to wine and work their land with respect for nature and tradition.

About the Wine

In the first sniff you already get the idea of a very clear wine filled with black fruit, but in a subtle way. Huge hints of elegant blackberry and red currant. On the tongue it gets more expressive by the herby after taste, black pepper and a hint of laurel come to the front. After leaving it open for an hour the herbs change more into licorice. The 24 months of aging in barrel definitely adds finesse to the wine! The taste was already great but I think after a couple of years of aging this one could be outstanding. 


We would like to congratulate Pierre-Nathan with his fine wine selection, covering some of France’s primary regions and varieties. By going off the beaten track he manages to find wines that stay true to their origin with reasonable pricing. A trade that will prove to be even more important in the years to come, with prices for French wines raising year after year. We very much enjoyed this selection of wines!

Consumers can easily buy these wines, directly from Ad Libitum Vins, through their website. This article and reviews are written by our own Nadine Massen.