Château Trianon: Tradition and Innovation Meet in Saint-Émilion

Château Trianon: Tradition and Innovation Meet in Saint-Émilion.

Situated in the historic and picturesque Saint-Émilion, a region celebrated for its exceptional terroir and deep-rooted winemaking history, Château Trianon stands as an emblem of both tradition and innovation. This revered estate reflects the essence of Bordeaux’s winemaking excellence, with a story intertwined with history and a vision that continually evolves.

Saint-Émilion: A Legacy of Winemaking

In the heart of the Bordeaux region, Saint-Émilion stands as a viticultural masterpiece with a heritage tracing back to Roman antiquity. Embracing its historical roots, this illustrious terroir, named after the revered monk Émilion who established himself in the 8th century, is steeped in centuries of winemaking excellence.

The distinctive character of Saint-Émilion wines lies in their Merlot-dominant blends, a hallmark that sets them apart on the global wine stage. The region’s undulating landscape is graced by a limestone plateau, providing not only a picturesque setting but also contributing to the unique mineral qualities found in the wines.

Elevating its status, Saint-Émilion was rightfully designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. This prestigious recognition not only underscores the historical significance of the region but also celebrates its continuous commitment to preserving and promoting the artistry of French viticulture.

Château Trianon and its Saint-Émilion Vineyard.

A Timeless Symphony of French Elegance and Bordeaux Innovation

Château Trianon, rooted in the legacy of a relative of Louis XIV, epitomizes the essence of French history and elegance. Its intrinsic connection to the Petit Trianon of Versailles enhances its allure, embodying a rich narrative shaped by centuries of transformations.

In 2001 the Hebrard family, led by Dominique Hebrard, took the reins of Château Trianon. Their commitment to revitalizing the estate began with the restoration of the soil and replanting select vineyards. Unlike the previous owners who prioritized high-volume production, stressing both soil and vines, Dominique adopted a transformative strategy.

Drawing from his profound roots in Bordeaux winemaking, notably with Chateau Cheval Blanc, Dominique infused invaluable expertise and a refreshed vision into Trianon. Recognized for his innovative yet tradition-respecting approach, Dominique collaborated with Trianon’s winemaker, Alizée Huet, to modernize winemaking practices.

Encompassing approximately 15 hectares of vineyards, a noteworthy expanse for Saint-Émilion standards, the estate concentrates on Merlot, the shining star of Bordeaux’s right bank, complemented by Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carménère.

Under the leadership of Dominique Hebrard, the estate’s global perspective and expansion is influenced by his son, Timothée. As a dynamic brand ambassador in the commercial department, Timothée plays an important role in steering international growth and enhancing brand recognition. His efforts contribute significantly to introducing Château Trianon’s wines to new markets and diverse audiences, solidifying its esteemed global presence.    

The Château Trianon Team.

The Trianon Wines

The Hebrard family’s dedication to quality is vividly reflected in Château Trianon’s wines. The Château Trianon Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, particularly the 2018 vintage, is celebrated for its complexity and sophistication. The 2019 Pavillon de Trianon Bordeaux Supérieur, another notable offering, showcases the estate’s ability to craft accessible yet high-quality wines, embodying the Hebrard family’s philosophy of creating wines that resonate with a broad spectrum of enthusiasts.

For this occasion, we had the opportunity to taste both wines, and we are happy to provide you with a review of them.

Pavillon de Trianon 2019 – Bordeaux Supérieur €20

Merlot (80%) | Cabernet Sauvignon (20%)

This blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon comes from vineyards owned and cultivated by Vignobles Gonfrier, a partner of Château Trianon, located in the ‘Entre-deux-mers’ section of the Bordeaux region. This wine is not estate grown and therefore classified as Bordeaux Supérieur. It is vinified in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats, and aged in oak barrels for nine months.

This Bordeaux Supérieur pours with a captivating dark ruby hue, promising depth and richness in every sip. An aromatic dance unfolds as the first whiff reveals a symphony of black fruits, immediately enticing the senses. The fragrance is accompanied by subtle herbal notes, adding a layer of complexity that invites anticipation.

Upon the first sip, Pavillon de Trianon embraces with a velvety texture, showcasing a smooth and approachable Bordeaux red. The palate offers round tannins that provide a luxurious mouthfeel. Ripe dark berries take center stage, as their sweetness is balanced harmoniously by a thread of great acidity, creating a lively vibrancy. The wine unfolds its structural prowess with finesse, offering a well-balanced framework. 

Pavillon de Trianon leaves a lasting impression with a finish that lingers delicately. A subtle hint of spice and chocolate emerges, gracefully concluding the tasting experience on a satisfying note.


This seamless blend of dark fruits, herbal nuances, and judicious use of oak results in a wine that is both accessible and sophisticated. Ready to drink in its early years this wine offers excellent value for money. 

We happily award this Bordeaux Supérieur with a 88-point DWA score.

Pavillon de Trianon 2019 – Bordeaux Supérieur.

Château Trianon Saint-Émilion 2018 – Grand Cru €45
Merlot (78%) | Cabernet Franc (14%) | Cabernet Sauvignon (5%) | Carménère (3%)

This crown jewel of Château Trianon forms a true representation of the Hebrard project. The Château’s vineyards provide a blend containing Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère. It is vinified in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats, and aged in a mixture of new and old oak barrels for sixteen months.

This Saint-Émilion boasts a deep and rich coloration, inviting with its captivating hue.

Its aroma profile is robust and fruit-forward, unveiling the essence of wild cassis, blackberry, and delicate hints of violet, complemented by nuances of wild red fruits, subtle gray pepper, and a touch of nutmeg. Additional layers of complexity emerge with hints of blackberries, mahogany, black pepper, and damp earth, adding depth to the bouquet.

Upon tasting, the wine reveals its fruity character in a well-balanced manner, showcasing a sturdy structure and precise delineation. Juicy notes of cassis, ripe raspberry, and black cherry intertwine seamlessly, accompanied by undertones of liquorice, toasted elements, and a subtle whisper of hazelnut. The palate evolves into a complex array of rich red and black fruits, accented by licorice, pepper, cumin, and hints of chocolate, creating a multi-dimensional flavor experience. The tannins, though present, integrate harmoniously with the lively acidity, contributing to the wine’s overall finesse.

The wine exhibits a substantial structure, lending an air of understated elegance. As it opens up, the palate reveals restrained black fruit flavors, accompanied by mineral undertones, crushed stone, and a touch of slate. The interplay between fruit and minerality enhances the wine’s complexity, offering an engaging tasting experience.

The journey concludes with a juicy finish, leaving lingering impressions of dark berries and chocolate. Medium-bodied and seamlessly integrated, the finish epitomizes the wine’s refined craftsmanship.


The Château Trianon 2018 makes a bold statement with its aromatic intensity and flavorful complexity. Notes of cedar, tobacco, dried flowers, and leather contribute to its intricate profile, while a vibrant energy and pure fruit expression add allure. With its pronounced minerality, intricate flavors of chocolate-covered black cherries, earthy undertones, and spice, this wine captivates the palate. 

Balanced, medium-bodied, and with a satisfying mouthfeel, the 2018 Château Trianon exemplifies the excellence of Saint-Émilion winemaking. Ready to enjoy now but with potential for further aging, this wine promises enjoyment for years to come.


We happily award this Saint-Émilion Grand Cru with a 92-point DWA score.

Château Trianon Saint-Émilion 2018 – Grand Cru.

A Glimpse into the Future

Château Trianon is not just about exceptional winemaking. The estate is actively embracing sustainable practices, reflecting the Bordeaux wine region’s shift towards environmental responsibility. Plans to transform the chateau into a visitor-friendly venue demonstrate their commitment to sharing their passion for wine and history worldwide.

Château Trianon sees big changes coming.

Global Reach and Future Aspirations

The Hebrard family’s influence extends beyond the borders of France. Dominique Hebrard, with his global ventures as a wine merchant, and Timothée Hebrard’s focus on expanding the estate’s international market, illustrate their roles as ambassadors of Bordeaux wines. Their vision encompasses both preserving Trianon’s legacy and propelling it into a new era of winemaking, balancing tradition with modernity.

In summary, Château Trianon, through its storied past, distinguished wines, and the visionary leadership of Dominique Hebrard and the promising direction of Timothée Hebrard, remains a notable name in Saint-Émilion. The estate is a beacon of the region’s winemaking heritage, continually adapting to modern viticulture challenges while honoring the traditions that have made Bordeaux wines globally renowned.

We would like to thank Château Trianon for providing the wines, and Timothée Hebrard in particular for his time and the interview. The wines of Château Trianon are available in various international markets, through selected partners, or directly from the Château. 

If you are in the area feel free to drop by at the Château, as they will happily accommodate you for a tasting and share their story with you. Picture credits: Château Trianon and Victoria Hebrard