Pays d’Oc food and wine pairing

Pays d’Oc food and wine pairing.

In this review we are discussing an interesting food and wine pairing we created to learn more about France’s Pays d’Oc region. For this occasion, we used a Chardonnay produced by Winery Mas du Novi.


Recently we received a beautiful box filled with three wines from Pays d’Oc. Where is that you might wonder? Pays d’Oc does not indicate a specific area or region of France. Rather it is a collective name for wines from Languedoc-Roussillon. Wines that do not fulfill the AOC criteria nonetheless they can absolutely be of excellent quality!

Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the largest wine producing areas of the world. Many years it used to be an area which produced simple (commonly known as table wines) wines that were accessible for the masses. However, about 30-40 years ago things began to change… investments were made and the area prospered. The area started producing the most beautiful wines that were able to compete with some of the great names out there.


Pays d’Oc wines are known for their vins de cépage: meaning they usually consist of one grape variety only. In total there are around 58 different varieties of grapes! Quite a lot to choose from you would say… quite a lot to discover. For this review we received three beautiful monocepage wines. A Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, the box was filled with lovely spices and herbs (typical flavours of fall) that were carefully selected to match each of the wines. A lovely box which upon opening brings you joy because it was so beautifully presented!

For this review we start with the white Chardonnay Fut from winery Mas du Novi. One of the great white classics of the Mas. 100% Chardonnay grown from 25-year-old vines. Aged for 12 months in “Demi-Muids’ barrels. 14% alc. And now for the review…

The Wine

The wine has an absolute gorgeous color. It is golden yellow with a brilliant reflection. The nose immediately gives the intensity away. Hints of rich, white fruits, vanilla, honey, and ripe citrus, and a touch of olive challenge you to take a sip. The texture is elegant yet powerful. Perfectly balanced. Full bodied just the way we like/love it! We are sure the wine has a couple of extra years of aging potential. After opening it already we are curious as to what it would have been if it had rested a couple more years. Ah well, definitely a wine that brings you value for money and has potential to age.

Food Pairing

So, what did we pair it with? The suggested spices were ginger and nutmeg, so we decided to make pumpkin spice soup including ginger & nutmeg. The soup was homemade and of course delicious but pairing it with this wine really brought it to the next level. The spice of the ginger was a nice balance against the powerful chardonnay and the nutmeg enhanced the floral aromas of the wine. We loved it! And love what great food pairing can do to the overall experience of the wine.

On to the next great wine and food combination! Pinot Noir… and?

This review is written by Eline de Geus (the wine atelier), on behalf of Dutch Wine Apprentice. Thanks for sending us this wine box Pitch PR.