Weekly Wine Study Talk

For those interested in wine study: we started a new weekly talk about wine study, live on the app: Clubhouse 🎙 It is a great way to learn more about wine studies, wine in general and share your knowledge and experience on this topic. The sessions are free of charge and the only thing you need is an active account on clubhouse.

This is especially interesting if you:

  • Are thinking about taking a wine course
  • Are attending a wine course
  • Have attended a wine course

The show will be hosted and moderated by: 


Join us for the first edition on Wednesday the 3rd of February at 20h CET. If you don’t have access to clubhouse yet send us a DM on instagram of drop us an e-mail. We might have limited invites left (clubhouse is invite only for the moment).

Edit: we will continue this weekly session for the next weeks on every Wednesday evening at 20h CET.

Weekly Wine Study Talk on Clubhouse