Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Costa Grande 2019 – Boscarelli
Style: Red
Country: Italy
Region: Montepulciano | Tuscany
Grape: Sangiovese
Score: 95-100
Price: 50-75 euro

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Costa Grande 2019 – Boscarelli

In this review we are visiting Montepulciano again, sharing a glass with our friends from Poderi Boscarelli. This wine can be considered the brother of Il Nocio, which we reviewed earlier. The Costa Grande, much like Il Nocio, is Sangiovese in its simplicity, but with greatness.

About the Vineyard

The Costa Grande wine comes from the Vigna Grande vineyard, counting a total of 1.5 hectares. It is located just besides the Vigna del Nocio, which is used for the Il Nocio wine. The Vigna Grande enjoys a microclimate as it faces north east, soaking up plenty of sun. Its climate aids the red sandy and clay soils as it heats up nicely. The soil composition differs greatly, but clay is often in majority.

About the Variety

While the exact origins of Italy’s most planted variety are still unknown, many historians and ampelographers (people who study grape varieties) agree that it must be a variety that goes back thousands of years. Some theories even suggest that Sangiovese was the same grape variety that the original Etruscans used back in the 8 century BC. Because, as you know, the Etruscans are the origin for the wines in the region as we know now.

The name Sangiovese is derived from the Latin term ‘Sanguis Jovis’, which means ‘the blood of Jupiter’. In the 18th century, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, namely Cosimo III de’Medici officially recognised Sangiovese as one of Tuscany’s superior grapes. Throughout the centuries, many different clones were ‘made’ or found in particular parts of Tuscany and Italy. But here in Montepulciano, we see the Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile clone, native to the village. The DOCG status of the village and its corresponding legislation also highlights the popularity and importance of Sangiovese.

About the Wine

Costa Grande is made solely from Sangiovese, and winemaking is done lovingly. As to be expected, the grapes are handpicked. The next step would be de-stemming, and soft pressing. Fermentation happens next, which happens in oak vats, filled no more than two-thirds the way full. As you know of the passion behind this winery, it is not a surprise that they only use indigenous yeast. Fermentation in this case takes about one week, at a controlled temperature between 28 and 30 degrees. After fermentation, pumping over as well as punching down is done tenderly, processing the must. Through this time, maceration continues for an additional five to eight days after fermentation.

The Costa Grande wine does not have a specific denomination such as Riserva. Therefore, they choose to age this wine as following. They first age the wine for a year in tonneaux of five hectolitres. After the wine turns one year old, it is transferred to barrels of 25 hectolitre and stays here for a year. The last year or so before it sees the market, the wine enjoys a few months in concrete vats and about a half year to a year in bottle.

The colour is a medium ruby, with a distinctive garnet edge that always reminds us that this is indeed Sangiovese. The aromas here are interesting, more sweet spice, cinnamon, soft herbs like tarragon, oak, smoke, liquorice and dried fruit. Some oak and fresh black fruit too. On the palate, the characteristic medium acidity and fine-grained medium tannins make for a well-balanced wine with clear ageing potential. A beautiful Montepulciano red.

We award this Vino Nobile Costa Grande with a 95-point DWA score.

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This wine is reviewed by our own Benjamin Roelfs. Boscarelli is imported in the Netherlands by Pallas Wines, and available through associated restaurants and retailers.

Price:               €70,00

Taste date:       July, 2023

Score:               95/100 DWA Score

Website:           Poderi Boscarelli