That’s Neiss, White and Red – Weingut Neiss
Style: Red | White
Country: Germany
Region: Pfalz
Grape: Red Blend | White Blend
Score: 85-89
Price: 10-20 euro

That’s Neiss, White and Red – Weingut Neiss.

Recently we reviewed one of the top cuvee’s made by Weingut Neiss, Glockenspiel, and for this review we will take a look at their entry level estate wines (the white and red version). Named ‘That’s Neiss’ these wines carry the signature of the winery and the soul of the estate.

About the Winery 

The Neiss winery is located in the north of the Palatinate, in Kindenheim. They have lived and worked here for six generations and the Neiss winery has been family-owned since 1959. When Axel Neiss took over his father’s winery in 1997, completed an apprenticeship as a winemaker and then studied oenology in Geisenheim. He brought extensive specialist knowledge to the company from several stays abroad. Coupled with innovative ideas, he completely rebuilt the business and helped the location to an enormous leap in quality.

Near Neiss, 15 hectares of vineyards are cultivated, divided into half Riesling and white Pinot vines and the other half red grapes, here mainly Pinot Noir. The fascinating aroma of Neiss wines is also due to the large stocks of vines in the old vineyards, some of which are up to 40 years old. Neiss planted them in the 70’s and they still deliver excellent qualities today. Powerful wines with a fine acid structure thrive on the mineral-rich limestone soil.

What we appreciate is the sustainable and green look towards the future, our nature, and the climate. The Neiss family of winegrowers definitely has an eye for sustainable management and the procurement of vegan wines. In the mid-1990s, the winery actively switched to controlled, environmentally friendly viticulture. Since 2021, the Neiss winery has been one of the few wineries in Germany to be certified CO2-neutral via “Save Climate”, the climate protection initiative of Fair and Green E.V. This initiative pursues a very specific goal: the transformation of the entire value chain and the entire agricultural sector towards consistent CO2 reduction through innovative and practicable solutions. This contributes to the EU Climate Target Plan of CO2 reducing goals in 2030.

About the Wines 

Let us talk a closer look at the two estate wines under the “That’s Neiss” label. A white and red cuvee with the Neiss signature.

That’s Neiss Weiß trocken 2019

Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris

That’s Neiss Weiß trocken combines the elegance of Pinot Blanc, the minerality and boldness of Chardonnay and the power of Pinot Gris to create an altogether unique aroma. The buttery power of the pinot gris comes from the fermentation in and aging in barriques. In nose the wine has quite some stone fruit and fresh butter to offer which goes nicely with the flavorful lemon(zest). The finish contains hints of fresh grapefruit and lemon and subtitle aromas of white blossom.

We award this wine with an 85-point DWA score.

That’s Neiss Rot trocken 2018

Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon

That’s Neiss Rot trocken offers a multi-faceted bouquet with notes of velvety chocolate, black pepper and fruity berry aromas. This red cuvée is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, comes from the northern Palatinate. It is well-balanced, not too heavy and has a pleasantly soft finish with a bit of the crispy finish that we know from this area. The wine matured for 9 to 12 months in barriques. It is a lovely example of Rhineland-Palatinate viticulture that offers a variety of taste experiences in addition to Riesling wines and other white grape varieties. 

We award this wine with an 86-point DWA score.


Well-made wines that deliver ‘bang for your buck’. As we saw with in our previous review there is a lot of tradition and hard work being put in these wines. Often entry level wines are over-looked but these two give you a handful of value in your daily life. Nice job in showing what you are capable of Weingut Neiss!

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These wines are reviewed by our own Nadine Massen. They are imported in the Netherlands by Icarius and available at Weingut Neiss.

Price:                          €15,00

Taste date:                April 2023

Score:                         85-86/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Weingut Neiss