Sondraia Bolgheri Superiore 2019 – Poggio Al Tesoro
Style: Red
Country: Italy
Region: Bolgheri
Grape: Bordeaux Red
Score: 95-100
Price: 75-125 euro

Sondraia Bolgheri Superiore 2019 – Poggio Al Tesoro.

Sondraia 2019 by Poggio Al Tesoro: A Bolgheri Classic of Extraordinary Finesse.

In the picturesque Bolgheri region of Italy, the Poggio al Tesoro winery stands as a beacon of excellence, and its flagship wine, the Sondraia 2019, is a testament to their commitment to crafting exceptional wines. Since its inception in 2003, this remarkable creation has garnered accolades from both Italian and international wine critics, quickly becoming a Bolgheri classic. Sondraia represents a new breed of Super Tuscan, artfully capturing the richness of its extraordinary terroir while achieving a unique blend of tension, complexity, and remarkable finesse. In this review we are diving into the latest release of Sondraia, the 2019 vintage.

About the Winery

Poggio Al Tesoro is a beacon of excellence in the Bolgheri region, producing wines that capture the essence of their remarkable terroir. With a commitment to quality, a focus on limited production, and a dedication to traditional winemaking techniques, this esteemed winery continues to be a celebrated name in the world of Italian wine. Poggio Al Tesoro’s portfolio of exceptional wines, led by the iconic Sondraia, invites wine enthusiasts to savor the beauty and complexity of Bolgheri with every sip.

At the heart of Poggio Al Tesoro’s success lies its exceptional terroir. The vineyards are strategically situated in Bolgheri’s prime locations, with special emphasis on the Soprastrada vineyards, which are recognized as Bolgheri’s finest parcels. This careful selection of vineyard sites ensures that the grapes are exposed to optimal conditions, resulting in wines that truly express the essence of the region.

Poggio Al Tesoro’s flagship wine, Sondraia, is a true embodiment of Bolgheri’s potential. This Bordeaux-style blend, consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, has garnered acclaim both locally and internationally. Since its creation in 2003, Sondraia has received numerous awards, cementing its status as a Bolgheri classic. It successfully marries the richness of the terroir with complexity, tension, and an undeniable finesse.

About the Wine

The grapes for this remarkable wine are meticulously sourced from the estate’s best parcels, with particular emphasis on the Soprastrada vineyards, regarded as Bolgheri’s finest. This careful selection ensures that only the most exceptional grapes find their way into Sondraia, a true reflection of Bolgheri’s viticultural prowess.

The winemaking process is a labor of love, with the varietals being harvested in crates and vinified separately using traditional methods in steel vats. The team at Poggio al Tesoro pays meticulous attention to maceration, extracting the full spectrum of flavors and aromas from the grapes. One of the hallmarks of Sondraia’s character is its extensive aging process. The wine spends an impressive 20 months maturing in French oak barriques, with an even split between new and second-use barrels. This oak aging is a masterful touch, resulting in soft tannins, sumptuous richness, and an alluring concentration that defines the wine’s personality. An additional 9 months of bottle aging allows Sondraia to reach its full potential, making it ready to be savored upon release while promising an even more rewarding future with age.

The production of Sondraia is limited to 45,000 bottles, which adds to the allure of the wine, elevating it to a status that beckons connoisseurs and collectors alike. The wine is a Bordeaux blend containing 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc.

Our Tasting Note

As the Sondraia 2019 graces your palate, it offers a multi-dimensional experience that unfolds with each sip. This wine is a symphony of flavors, revealing an intricate tapestry of taste sensations that linger on the senses.

The initial impression is one of ripe, succulent blackberries and dark cherries, their luscious sweetness intertwining effortlessly. These dark fruit notes are joined by plump plums, adding a luxurious depth to the wine’s profile. Yet, amidst this opulent fruitiness, there is a harmonious balance that speaks to the wine’s finesse. It never veers into excess but maintains a poised and elegant demeanor.

The aromatic herbs that were hinted at on the nose come to life on the palate, contributing a captivating herbal complexity. It is as if a fragrant bouquet of rosemary, thyme, and basil has been gently woven into the wine’s core, adding layers of intrigue and depth. As you savor each sip, a pleasant spiciness emerges, accentuating the wine’s overall complexity. Notes of black pepper and a hint of clove tickle the taste buds, creating a delightful interplay between the fruit, herbs, and spice.

The finish of Sondraia 2019 is a masterpiece in itself. It is both persistent and ripe, leaving a lasting impression of velvety tannins that linger on the tongue. This extended finish is a testament to the wine’s age-worthy character, hinting at the rewards of patient cellaring.

Overall, the 2019 Sondraia is a wine of remarkable depth and complexity. It is a sensory journey that unfolds with elegance and grace, revealing a symphony of flavors that captivate the palate. Whether enjoyed now or saved for the future, this wine is a true masterpiece that showcases the artistry of both the winemaker and the extraordinary Bolgheri terroir.

We award this beautiful Super Tuscan with a 95-point DWA score.

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This wine is reviewed by our own Niels Aarts.

Price:                          €85

Taste date:                August 2023

Score:                         95/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Poggio Al Tesoro