Shiraz 2019 – Kings of Prohibition
Style: Red
Country: Australia
Region: Riverina
Grape: Shiraz
Score: 85-89
Price: 10-20 euro

Shiraz 2019 – Kings of Prohibition.

Have you encountered this exciting figure of the bottle of wine? In 1920, prohibition gave rise to the infamous ‘Kings of Prohibition.’ During this dry period, the stories of bootleggers, such as Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel, became legends and set the path for wine distribution worldwide. With its distinctive bottle, this wine pays tribute to them. In this review, we are discussing an attractive bottle filled with Australian signature grapes, Shiraz, produced by Calabria Family Wines.

About the Winery

Kings of Prohibition is a brand made by Calabria Family Wines, established 75 years ago, and has flourished as one of Australia’s top 20 wine producers with several brands in Barossa Valley or Riverina, Australia. They have continued the business on their own, as a family, and the second generation, Bill Calabria was awarded the Queen’s Medal of the Nation recently due to his significant contribution to Australia’s wine industry. He thinks Riverina is underrated and has consistently produced quality wines from year to year and now he is a legend in the region.

About the Wine

The wine is made with Shiraz from Riverina. Unlike other wineries that have been buying grapes from all other vineyards, the family has focused on higher-quality grapes from the contracted growers of the region. Grapes are fermented in concrete vats, then maturation in used oak barrels for 6-9 months. 

The wine has distinct aromas of ripe opulent dark cherries, black plum, and blueberry, which are integrated with the flavors of oak and varietal-derived spices, with a pleasant chocolatey sweetness on the finish. Newly leather or bacon showing typicity of the Australian signature grapes variety. Rich and full-bodied with some residual sugars are balanced with ripe tannins. Fresh acidity gives refresh. Medium-level alcohol makes this wine more approachable.


Surely a value-for-money wine, made by the family with a commitment to quality. Rich and mellow wines are a great match with smoked beef brisket or BBQ styles. We award this wine with an 89-point DWA score.

This review is written by Kazumi Uejo on behalf of Dutch Wine Apprentice. The wine is imported in The Netherlands by Vinites and available through associated retailers and restaurants.

Price:                           €14,46

Taste date:                  December 2022

Score:                           89/100 DWA Score

Website:                      Calabria Family Wines