Rioja Tinto ‘La Vendimia’ 2020 – Palacios Remondo
Style: Red
Country: Spain
Region: Rioja
Grape: Grenache
Score: 85-89
Price: 10-20 euro

Rioja Tinto ‘La Vendimia’ 2020 – Palacios Remondo.

Rioja, one of the most famous wine regions in Spain. As well, it was the first Designation of Origin in Spain to earn Calificada status (DOC). This happened in 1991. Normally, when a bottle of wine from the Rioja Region is served, almost everyone immediately thinks that it is made from Tempranillo grapes. We can understand that, as 87.7% from the harvested black grapes within this region is Tempranillo. However, this time we are going to discuss a wine made from the Garnacha Tinta grape. Namely, Rioja Tinto DOCa ‘La Vendimia’ 2020 produced by the winery Palacios Remondo.

About the Winery

The Palacios winery has a complicated story. In 1945 José Palacios Remondo established the winery in Rioja Baja, since 2018 known as Rioja Oriental. He got nine children wherefrom four ended up in the wine business with all its own focus. One of his sons, Álvaro Palacios has become one of the most influential winemakers in Spain. He played an enormous role in the rise of the regions of Priorat and Bierzo. Álvaro took over the business in Rioja when his farther, José, died in 2000. Within this winery a transition took place from planting Tempranillo to planting Garnacha. The spirit of “The New Spain” was born. Besides, Palacios is committed to organic viticulture and natural winemaking practices. 

About the Grape

Garnacha Tinta is native to Spain is the most widely grown variety in the world. In France it is known as Grenache Noir, and it belongs to the Garnacha group of varieties.  However, in the Rioja Region it can be found in low numbers, with 7.5% of the total production. This grape is resistant to longer periods of drought. This is an advantage in this part of the Rioja, Rioja Oriental, as the climate is less maritime than the other parts (Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa). Hot summers in combination with the drought are conditions that create the robust reputation of the Garnacha Tinta grape. 

About the Wine

La Vendimia is made of 15-to-45-year-old Garnacha Tinta vines. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks to focus on the fruitiness of the wine. Followed by a brief four-month aging in oak barrels, making the wine a ‘roble’ according to Rioja regulations. 

When pouring, the glass will be filled with a medium-deep-ruby colored wine. Swirling will release the aromas of redcurrant, strawberry, and raspberry accompanied with earthy and mushroom notes. The alcohol percentage of 14% is the result of both the stone-covered, clay soils and the sunny weather. On the palate you will experience softer tannins and refreshing acidities. The wine flows easily through the mouth and the fruit components will last for a while in your mouth.

Conclusion: This Rioja Tinto DOCa ‘La Vendimia’ is an accessible Rioja where the fruit comes first, followed by subtle notes of earth and cloves from the barrel ageing. Interesting to try a Garnacha from this region, opposed to the well-known Tempranillo wines. Vendimia is ready to drink an enjoy!

This review is written by Judi Veldwijk, on behalf of Dutch Wine Apprentice. The wine is imported in The Netherlands by Vinites and available through associated retailers and restaurants. 

Price:                           €12,95

Taste date:                  November 2022

Score:                           87/100 DWA Score

Website:                      Palacios Remondo