Pinot Nero Schweizer 2019 – Franz Haaz Winery
Style: Red
Country: Italy
Region: Alto Adige
Grape: Pinot Noir
Score: 90-94
Price: 35-50 euro

Pinot Nero Schweizer 2019 – Franz Haaz Winery.

Italy’s Northern wine regions, in particular Alto Adige (Sud Tirol) have seen tremendous success with Pinot Noir vines over its history. This is partially because of the altitude at which the grapes can ripen but also because of its favorable microclimate.

The Franz Haas Winery is one of the most iconic and prestigious estates in Alto Adige, and their Pinot Noir wines form the backbone of the winery. In this review we are taking a look at a special cuvee they produce, with a selection of their best grapes, the 2019 Pinot Nero Schweizer.

About the Region and Grape

The Alto Adige region, nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and exceptional climatic conditions that favor viticulture. It’s an area where Italian and Germanic influences merge, creating a unique cultural and enological environment. The region’s diurnal temperature variations ensure slow ripening of grapes, allowing for the development of nuanced aromatics. Pinot Nero, known as Pinot Noir outside Italy, thrives here. This delicate grape is responsive to the minutiae of terroir, producing wines that are as varied as they are expressive.

About the Winery

Franz Haas Winery, a prominent name in the Alto Adige wine region, has been passionately led by the Haas family for seven generations. The winery stands as a testament to dedication, where each generation has contributed to a legacy of quality that respects both tradition and innovation. The family’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that the quality of wine is born in the vineyard. As such, Franz Haas has consistently invested in the highest vineyards in Alto Adige, where the grapes, benefiting from the cooler climate, retain their acidity and develop a full spectrum of flavors.

The winery is not just known for its exceptional wines but also for its architectural beauty. It’s designed to blend into the surrounding landscape, mirroring the Haas family’s deep respect for nature. The gravity-flow winery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing for gentle handling of the fruit and precision in winemaking. Sustainability is at the core of their operations, with a commitment to preserving the natural environment for future generations.

About the Wine

Made from a vineyard selection of the best vines the grapes for this wine carry the highest quality standard. The carefully selected Pinot Nero grapes, come from vines meticulously nurtured at high altitudes and are transformed into a wine that offers an exquisite aromas and flavors. The decision to age the wine in barriques (for 12 months), with a judicious use of new oak (30%), encapsulates the winery’s philosophy of enhancing the grape’s character without overshadowing it.

The wine itself greets the connoisseur with a vibrant ruby color, a prelude to its complex bouquet. On the nose, it presents an intricate blend of ripe red fruits, like cherries and raspberries, interwoven with hints of violets and a delicate touch of spice from the oak. On the palate, the freshness that first captured the winery’s affection is evident, giving way to a silky texture and a layered complexity. Tannins are present yet refined, and the finish is long, with a persistent echo of fruit and earthy nuances.

With its limited production and artwork label, the Franz Haas Pinot Nero Schweizer 2019 is a collector’s item, reflecting the individuality of its vintage. It is a wine that can be enjoyed now, with its youthful vibrancy, or aged gracefully, developing further sophistication over time.

We award this outstanding Alto Adige reference with a 93-point DWA score.

This wine is reviewed by our own Niels Aarts.

Price:                          ~€50,00

Taste date:                November 2023

Score:                         93/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Franz Haas Winery