Pedregoso Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 – Viña Tabalí
Style: Red
Country: Chile
Region: Maipo Valley
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Score: 80-84
Price: 10-20 euro

Pedregoso Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 – Viña Tabalí.

In this review we travel to Chile, specifically the Maipo Valley which is situated in the central valley region. The most widely grown grape of the New World is Cabernet Sauvignon. In general, this variety has elegance and earns great respect due to the complexity and diversity of styles it can create. This will depend on the nuances of what the Chilean landscape offers this grape. In this review we will discover this by taking a look at the Pedregoso Gran Reserva, produced by Viña Tabalí.

About the Region

Maipo Valley, as mentioned earlier, is situated in Chile and it one of the oldest wine regions, which is renowned for Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Located at the south and west of the capital Santiago de Chile. The whole area is surrounded by mountains where a little coastal influence reaches the vineyards.  However, the mountains do protect the grapes from the ocean’s cooling effect, leading to a warmer climate, which is suitable for the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. In general, the Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Maipo can often have a particular minty character. Which is also the case of this wine. 

About the Winery

Viña Tabalí is situated in Limarí, which is situated on the edge of the Atacama Desert. Since 2002, this winemaker strives to reflect their place of origin in the wines, in which climate and soils play a fundamental role. Leading to a portfolio that is diverse. What is remarkable is that Tabalí was one of the first wineries settled in Limarí.

Next to that, one of their latest goals was owning vineyards in the Maipo Valley, and they made it.  With adding this region to their portfolio, they became the only winery that produces wines that cross Chile from east to west in the same valley (D.O.). Meaning a range of soils, altitudes and viticulture, resulting in distinctive wines with each their own character. Felipe Muller, who is the winemaker, forms a team with Hector Rojas, viticulturalist, together they are responsible for the characters of the wines.

This team aims for the best and in 2014, Felipe Müller got the award for ‘Chilean Young Winemaker of the Year’ for his ability to understand Tabali´s distinctive terroir and use it to create remarkable wines, unique to Chile. The unique terroir of Chile is also shown in their logo which reflect one of Limarí Valley’s most significant archaeological sites, called mystical ‘Valle del Encanto’. This is a rock carving where several drawings can be seen, however this is only possible at certain times of the day.  

About the Wine

As mentioned in the last paragraph, the main location of Tabalí is situated in Limarí. However, this region is slightly too cold for Cabernet Sauvignon to fully ripen. Therefore, the decision has been made to plant the vines in the Maipo Valley. The small amount of cooling breezes does influence the wine by adding structure and elegance.

This can be discovered in the wine, as the nose is slightly different than what one tastes. When pouring the deep ruby colored wine, the aromas of pepper, tobacco and mint rise up. In the nose the wine smells a bit astringent. However, when drinking the dry wine, a combination of red and black fruits come forward. It seems like stewed fruits, such as blackberry, red current and plums. The tannins are high but elegant and ripe rather than astringent. You do not have the feeling that they stick on your teeth. To end the wine has a pleasant, medium, finish. 


This is a wine that reflects the typical character of Cabernet Sauvignon and which will perfectly pair with beef or lamb. It can be enjoyed young or with some ageing. What is also worth pointing out is the excellent value this wine offers. We award this Cabernet with a 84 point DWA score.

This Cabernet Sauvignon, and other wines from Viña Tabalí, are imported by Vinites and available through associated resellers and restaurants. This review has been written by our own Judi Veldwijk.

Price:                          €12,75

Taste date:                May 2023

Score:                         84/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Viña Tabalí