Palladius 2019 – Sadie Family Wines
Style: White
Country: South Africa
Region: Swartland
Grape: White Blend
Score: 95-100
Price: 75-125 euro

Palladius 2019 – Sadie Family Wines.

Palladius. One of South Africa’s great wines, a white icon produced by Eben Sadie, who is internationally recognized as one of the country’s leading winemakers. In this review the 2019 vintage of this white blend by Sadie Family Wines.

About the Winery 

South Africa is on a rise and has received rising support over these last two decades. Quality of the wines have improved and the country has found its own space in the mid and upper segment on the world wine stage. Eben Sadie, and his like named winery, has played a leading role in this trend. 

Old vines are his trademark and he has made it his life purpose to not only preserve the wealth they represent (and SA possesses) but also make them the center of attention.

His two-star wines are the red Columella (which we reviewed earlier) and this white Palladius. Both blends made out of a larger number of varieties, reaped from old vines raised in 17 different vineyards, with unique terroirs, in the Swartland region.

About the Wine 

As with Columella it is always a bit of a mystery what the exact components are of this blend. But we can distinguish 9 different ones: Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Clairette Blanche, Viognier, Verdelho, Rousanne, Semillon Gris, Semillon Blanc and Palomino. Maybe a bit like a rich white blend from the Southern Rhône, but so much more.

Low yields and rich concentrated fruit shape this wine. The wine is separately shaped in amphoras, concrete eggs and large wooden barrels. “Staged” one can say. The last stage in the barrels is home for the wine for 24 months before it is blended, bottled and released.

This is a wine that typically needs 5-8 years before its development really starts to kick in, but if you do not have the patience or time for this there is only one alternative; give it a huge amount of air before consuming.

Now about this 2019 Palladius. In the glass it displays an elegant pale golden colour. What follows is a nose that is characterized by a mineral spine, accompanied by floral and herbal notes and a wide spectrum of fruits. Here you can already notice that there is huge potential for tertiary development.

On the palette you will find a wine that is built to last, but isn’t too heavy. Elegance and a medium body structure it, with an ABV of 13.5%. A rich wine with tension and great texture. Adding a pleasant bitter note and the right acidity to it this wine is a blessing for food lovers as it will match a large number of dishes without being washed away. Concluding its journey, it leaves you with a vibrant and well-balanced finish. This is one of our personal all-time favorites, and well represented in our cellar. 

We enjoyed this bottle at one of our restaurant favorites: Flicka

Imported in The Netherlands by Wijnkooperij de Lange.

Price:                             ~ €100

Taste date:                   July 2022

Score:                           98/100 DWA Score

Website:                      Sadie Family Wines