Martino Superiore Malbec 2017 – Martino Wines
Style: Red
Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Grape: Malbec
Score: 90-94
Price: 20-35 euro

Martino Superiore Malbec 2017 – Martino Wines.

Argentina and especially Mendoza are known to produce the best Malbec wines in the world. We already discussed a Malbec from Zuccardi. In this review we will discuss a Malbec from Martino Wines: the Martino Superiore Malbec 2017.

About the Winery

Martino Wines is located in Luján de Cuyo, close to the city of Mendoza. Fincas Don Martino is grounded by media tycoon Hugo Martino and two of his friends. In 2002 Martino fell in love with a small vineyard in Agrelo called Viña Violeta. He bought an existing winery, renovated it and provided it with state-of-the-art winemaking equipment. One could say Martino follows a new world winemaking concept with a European imprint. That European imprint is caused by the involvement of Attilio Pagli. Pagli is a reputable Italian wine adviser. He advises various prominent wineries in Chianti, Bolgheri and Montalcino. Pagli has received more than 5 times 100-Parkers points and is a forerunner of Argentine Malbec. Other impellent power is winemaker Sergio Montiel. He is one of the participating oenologists of the multi-award-winning American documentary “The Rise of Argentine Malbec”.

About the Variety

The origin of Malbec has to be found in south-west French, in Cahors to be precise. Traditionally made Cahors is a deep (almost black) coloured wine with a lot of body, a firm tannin structure and long aging-potential. On behalf of the Argentine president Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Malbec was brought to Argentina by the French soil expert Michel Pouget. Ever since Malbec has grown out to the reference grape for Argentina. Argentinian Malbec produces deep coloured wines with tones of black fruit, al lot of body and a high amount of ripe tannins. Vineyards on the lower slopes produce wines with more body en richer fruit. Wines from the higher altitude vineyards are often fresher and more elegant.

Viña Violeta truly is a high-altitude vineyard. The 7 hectares vineyard is located at around 1.000 meter above sea level. On this height the diurnal fluctuations are extreme, resulting in grapes maintaining natural acidity en developing complex aromas. The original French Malbec clones were planted in 1926 on clay loam and pebbled subsoil. The vineyard is irrigated by flood irrigation.

About the Vinification

The selected grains undergo a 2-day cold maceration, to extract colour and flavour. The alcoholic fermentation finds place with indigenous yeasts in cement tanks for 15 days, accompanied by daily pumping over and délestage to increase extraction of colour, flavour and tannin. Post-fermentation maceration finds place for 20 days for even more extraction and softening the tannin structure. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation is allowed to create an unctuousness mouthfeel. Finally, the wine is aged for 16 till 20 months in new French oak barrels.

About the Wine

The deep purple wine doesn’t reveal it already has 6 years on the clock. Initially the wine gives fresh flowery aroma’s like violets, plum, wild blackberry and blackcurrant. After decanting more and more complex aromas appear, such as cloves, vanilla, liquorice, coffee, tobacco and forest floor. After a viscous start with concentrated fresh black fruits, intense and precise acids bring it to a saline and above average long aftertaste with flavours like blackcurrant, vanilla and espresso. The mouth-watering acids do give this powerhouse (14,5% ABV) with lovely ripe tannins a nice tension and make you crave another sip.

We awarded this excellent Malbec with a 93-point DWA score.

Martino Superiore Malbec 2017 by Martino Wines is imported and distributed in Europe by MH Wines. This wine is reviewed by our own Hermen Jansen (Origine Wijnen).

Price:               €23,40

Taste date:       March 2023

Score:               93/100 DWA Score

Website:          Martino Wines