Majorum 2020 – Domaine Michel Redde
Style: White
Country: France
Region: Loire | Pouilly-Fume
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Score: 90-94
Price: 50-75 euro

Majorum 2020 – Domaine Michel Redde.

Recently we got surprised at one of our wine club nights. The good thing about sharing wine with others, who are passionate about wine, is the fact that everyone has their own experiences and preferences. In this case one of the surprises of the night came from France’s Pouilly Fumé et Sancerre Appellation. A special cuvée called Majorum, produced by Domaine Michel Redde.

About the Winery

Domaine Michel Redde: A Legacy of Perseverance and Excellence.

The saga of Domaine Michel Redde commenced with the unwavering determination of Michel and Simone, a couple who inherited a modest family property in the heart of Pouilly-sur-Loire. Their tenure, beginning in the early 1950s, witnessed the transformation of the estate into a true winemaking haven. Through amalgamating plots of land, nurturing the soil and the vineyards, they manifested their dreams through relentless labor.

From these humble origins, the domain has burgeoned to encompass a sprawling 42 hectares of meticulously cultivated land. Today, It is the stewardship of their son, Thierry, and grandsons, Sébastien and Romain, that guides the estate’s destiny. Beyond the exquisite wines crafted from the quintessential Sauvignon Blanc, the family also nurtures the also noble white grape variety, Chasselas. Central to their philosophy is the tender guardianship of the vineyards, a commitment that finds its expression in organic practices and the gentle touch of hand-harvesting.

Yet, their attentiveness does not end at the vine. A pinnacle of their artistry is the hypermodern, three-story winery that stands as a testament to innovation. Here, the alchemy of gravity is harnessed to move the wine, forgoing the use of pumps. It’s a manifestation of their belief in preserving the integrity of every drop, nurturing it through its journey to the bottle.

Thierry and his sons uphold a singular aspiration: to conjure forth the fullest expression of terroir, grape variety, and volume within their wines. The vineyards, strewn across varied terrains of lime and flint, offer a spectrum of characters unique to each plot. Yet, a shared thread runs through all their creations—a thread woven by Thierry’s skillful tending and his sons’ devotion. Each bottle, whether bearing the essence of Sauvignon Blanc or Chasselas, emerges as a testament to vivacity, impeccable craftsmanship, and, above all, captivating flavor.

From the scattered vineyards to the expert hands that mold the wine, Domaine Michel Redde is an embodiment of persistence and a pursuit of excellence that spans generations. With a nod to their legacy and an unwavering commitment to quality, this family stands as a guardian of the Loire’s winemaking heritage, a beacon of dedication and authenticity in every bottle.

The Legacy of the Domain and Wine

A Fusion of Artistry and Winemaking.

Passion weaves its threads in unpredictable ways, intertwining destinies in remarkable fashion. Michel Redde, a man predisposed to artistry from a young age, found his life’s path seamlessly merging his love for visual creativity with the intricate world of winemaking. The course of his life was shaped by circumstance, as his father’s untimely passing nudged him towards the family estate. Here, he became a vintner who transformed the vineyards, the winemaking process, and the marketing of his wines into a canvas for his artistic soul.

In a bold move in 1973, Michel Redde etched his name into history as the first in the Pouilly Fumé et Sancerre Appellation to craft a “special” cuvée. Dubbed Majorum, this offering bore a name that resonated deeply: “recta facere more Majorum,” an homage to the tradition of the elders, signifying doing the best. Majorum was born from the ancient vines that rooted themselves within Kimmeridgian marl and flint clay soils, reserved only for the most exceptional vintages. Each bottle was a personalized piece of art, a true representation of the Domaine’s commitment to excellence.

In an inspired tribute to the visionary behind Majorum, a transformation took place beginning with the 2017 vintage. The packaging of this transcendent wine embraced an authentic and artistic essence. A nod to tradition, each bottle is sealed with wax and marked by hand, using a chalk marker—an homage to how an artist signs their masterpiece. It’s a touch that binds the artisanal pursuit of winemaking with the creativity of Michel Redde’s artistic spirit, a testament to the enduring fusion of his passions.

The 2020 Majorum by Michel Redde encapsulates this legacy. From vine to bottle, this cuvée exudes the dedication that Michel Redde brought to his craft. It is not just a wine; it is a tapestry woven with the threads of art and passion, bearing witness to the indelible mark left by a man whose path was an intersection of two worlds. This bottle is more than a vessel—it is an artistic statement, an evocative homage, and a journey through history and flavor.

About the Wine

The elusive Majorum stands as the apotheosis of the Redde estate, gracing only the most illustrious harvest years. Crafted from Sauvignon Blanc vines that intertwine with the celebrated Kimmeridge limestone and the enigmatic Silex (flint) soil, this cuvée transcends time and soil. These vines, a minimum of four decades old, bespeak the majesty of the land. Following the dance of alcoholic fermentation, the wine takes residence within vast 600-liter oak barrels and stainless-steel tanks for 16-18 months, a voyage accompanied by its ever-present lees.

Majorum unfolds as a lavishly diverse pouilly-fumé, a symphony of depth and finesse that titillates the senses. Awaiting its zenith, bottle maturation is the key, a testament to the wine’s evolution. Primed for consumption 6-7 years post-harvest, its splendor endures for at least a decade. For those who embrace its youthful vivacity, an hour’s rendezvous with a carafe is encouraged, awakening the wine’s essence and magnificence.

In its labyrinth of aromatics, the 2020 Majorum is a testament to complexity: a symposium of citrus, the allure of apple, the intrigue of flint, the whisper of smoke, and the warmth of toast. As the nectar graces the tongue, it reveals its opulence, layers unfurling in a duet of richness and nuance, guided by a saline minerality that pays homage to ocean breezes. Each sip orchestrates a lingering epilogue, a harmonious and enduring finish.


In the glass, the 2020 Majorum by Michel Redde is more than wine; it is a testament to Thierry’s virtuosity, a journey through the Loire’s soul, and an exploration of refinement and depth. Whether unveiled in the fullness of maturity or cherished through the years, it finds its most esteemed partner in the grace of refined fish dishes and moments of celebration or contemplation. 

If you are a Sauvignon Blanc lover, and a fan of depth, length and complexity we encourage you to buy and hold this wine. We award this Loire beauty with a 94-point DWA score.

The 2020 Majorum by Domaine Michel Redde was reviewed Niels Aarts and shared with us by Joris Vroegindeweij. It is imported in the Netherlands by Les Généreux and can be bought at Wijnkoperij Huub Oostendorp.

Price:                          €67

Taste date:                August 2023

Score:                         94/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Domaine Michel Redde