Kokerboom 2021 – Sadie Wines 
Style: White
Country: South Africa
Region: Olifantsrivier
Grape: Semillon
Score: 90-94
Price: 50-75 euro

Kokerboom 2021 – Sadie Wines.

As most of you might know we are big fans of Eben Sadie’s wines, which are rated amongst the best South Africa has to offer. In this review we are reviewing a white wine from Eben’s ‘Ouwingerd’ series, made from Semillon. The 2021 vintage of Eben Sadie’s Kokerboom has passed our table a while ago, and has found its way into our cellars ever since that day.

About the Winery

Sadie Wines, founded by visionary winemaker Eben Sadie, stands as a true beacon of innovation and excellence in the South African wine industry. Established in the Swartland region, the winery has become synonymous with crafting wines that showcase the unique terroir and diverse landscapes of the area.

Eben Sadie, a trailblazer in his field, is renowned for his deep respect for tradition and his willingness to push the boundaries of winemaking. His philosophy revolves around nurturing the relationship between the land and the vines, embracing organic and sustainable practices that reflect the region’s natural beauty and distinctiveness.

At Sadie Wines, every step of the winemaking journey is approached with meticulous attention to detail. From vineyard management to fermentation techniques, Eben and his team prioritize quality and authenticity. This commitment is palpable in every bottle they produce, resulting in wines that encapsulate the authenticity of South Africa’s wine regions.

The winery’s dedication to exploring indigenous grape varieties and reviving forgotten gems has led to the creation of wines that are both distinctive and expressive. By embracing the philosophy of minimal intervention, Sadie Wines allows the grapes to speak for themselves, capturing the essence of the soil and climate in each vintage.

The 2021 Kokerboom vintage exemplifies Sadie’s philosophy of balance, elegance, and a deep connection to the land. With its profound respect for tradition and a fearless spirit of innovation, Sadie Wines continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of winemaking.

In essence, Sadie Wines is not just a winery; it’s a journey of exploration, a celebration of terroir, and a commitment to crafting wines that are a true reflection of the terroir from which they derive. The Kokerboom is a shining example of how their passion and expertise come together to create wines that are as captivating as they are unforgettable.

About the Wine

Crafting the 2021 Kokerboom is a meticulous process that begins in the vineyards in the Citrusdal Mountains. The grapes are sourced from carefully selected old vine vineyards within the Olifantsrivier region. The soil in these vineyards mainly consists of decomposed Table Mountain sandstone formations, with a high iron content. These factors play a significant role in shaping the wine’s flavor profile and overall complexity.

Kokerboom is made from Semillon grapes, a variety that is also called Groendruif, and the 2021 vintage is a mixture of 80% Semillon (witte groendruif) and 20% Semillon Gris (rode groendruif, a mutation of Semillon). The wine is left in cask for the entire first 12 months on the fermentation lees and bottled from the lees.

Upon the first swirl and sip, the wine unveils a bouquet of aromas that transport you to a sun-soaked orchard, with hints of ripe peaches, zesty lemons, and a touch of passion fruit. The nose is enchanting, inviting you to explore the layers of complexity that await.

As you take your first sip, the wine’s balanced acidity immediately captures your attention, providing a lively and invigorating sensation on the palate. The flavors unfold gradually, revealing a captivating interplay between the vibrant fruit notes and a subtle, stony minerality. This harmonious fusion creates a symphony of tastes that dance gracefully across your taste buds.

The 2021 Kokerboom’s structure is a marvel, with a well-defined backbone that supports its rich flavors. The mid-palate is velvety and lush, showcasing the wine’s impeccably integrated components. The compact tannins and acidity take this wine to infinity and beyond. The finish is a true highlight – it’s lingering and satisfying, leaving a trail of nuanced flavors that entice you to take another sip. 

The wine is a testament to Sadie Wines’ commitment to crafting wines that not only taste exceptional but also tell a meaningful narrative.


The 2021 Kokerboom by Sadie Wines is a remarkable achievement that demonstrates the artistry of winemaking. Its intricate layers, harmonious balance, and evocative qualities make it a vintage worth savoring. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a gourmet meal, this wine is destined to create memorable moments for those fortunate enough to experience it. 

We are happy to award this outstanding South African gem with a 94-point DWA score.

This wine is reviewed by our own Niels Aarts. We enjoyed this bottle at Michelin Restaurant Flicka. Sadie Wines are imported in the Netherlands by Wijnkooperij de Lange and available through selected partners.

Price:                          €75

Taste date:                April 2022

Score:                         94/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Sadie Family Wines