Columella 2018 – Sadie Family Wines
Style: Red
Country: South Africa
Region: Swartland
Grape: Red Blend
Score: 95-100
Price: 75-125 euro

Columella 2018 – Sadie Family Wines.

Sadie Family Wines is amongst the best performing SA wineries, and their wines are extremely hard to come by. Eben Sadie has two flagship blends that represent the history and present of South Africa and in particularly Swartland, his region of origin. There is the white Palladius and the red Columella, the latter we are reviewing today.

Eben has made it his life goal to preserve the heritage of the SA wine industry: its old vines. He is also a big advocate and promoter of South Africa’s Old Vine Project, which is unique in the world and records all the old vines and their datings in the country. 

About the Wine 

First off all we apologise for drinking this 2018 Columella. We know Eben thinks his wines shouldn’t be touched in the first 8 years, but unfortunately our wine collection doesn’t allow this, and we simply couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. 

So please kids: don’t do this at home!

The diversity that makes this wine is enormous. Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault & Tinta Barocca. All coming from four sites: Paardeberg, Kasteelberg, Malmesbury, and Piquetberg. 

Sadie wants his wines to represent their vintages, with all their challenges and advantages. True ambassadors of the vineyards and character the old vines give to the them. The result?  Magic. Magicians Eben Sadie and winemaker Paul Jordaan we salute you.

In the nose an avalanche of dark red fruit, sprinkled with fine spices and floral notes. On the palette: balance and complexity. Fruitiness, alcohol and acidity being totally in sync, with the tannins lifting it all. After a while the second wave of magic hits you revealing new flavours, leaving you wondering what just happened. The finale is as it should be: strong, acting like a statement. 

It is hard to believe that this wine is so good so young. Yes, this is an expensive wine. But yes, buy as many bottles as you can. Unique. 

Tim Atkin MW Score: 98/100 Robert Parker Score: 95/100.

Imported in the Netherlands by Wijnkooperij de Lange.

Price:                          ~€110

Taste date:                  March 2022

Score:                           98/100 DWA Score

Website:                      Sadie Family Wines