Cemento Roja 2020 – Valenciso
Style: Red
Country: Spain
Region: Rioja
Grape: Tempranillo
Score: 90-94
Price: 20-35 euro

Cemento Roja 2020 – Valenciso.

Valenciso’s 2020 Cemento Roja: A Smooth and Silky Tempranillo Delight.

In this review, we explore the 2020 Cemento Roja by Valenciso, a wine that embodies the passion and craftsmanship of two talented winemakers, Valentin and Enciso, who brought the Valenciso winery to life in the late 20th century. Nestled in the picturesque town of Ollauri in Rioja Alta, this winery has made a name for itself by fermenting their wines in cement tanks, a choice that sets them apart and imparts unique qualities to their creations.

About the Winery

Valenciso is a winery where tradition and innovation meet. Since its inception in 1998, they have chosen to ferment their wines in cement tanks. The use of these tanks brings out the best in their wines by allowing the fruitiness of the Tempranillo grape to shine through. Cement tanks provide a stable environment with no sudden temperature fluctuations, which results in better polarization of tannins and a silky-smooth texture compared to stainless steel tanks. This environmentally friendly approach benefits from the constant temperature provided by the cement. Valenciso doesn’t just excel in red wines; their white wines have also earned them accolades, including the prestigious title of “Wine of the Year” in Rioja 2023, awarded to both their 2021 white and reserve wines.

About the Wine

The Cemento Roja gets its name from the cement tanks in which it’s fermented, a process that brings out the true character of the Tempranillo grape. This 100% Tempranillo wine is made from organically grown grapes in the Rioja Alta region and has matured in cement tanks for a generous 26 months. With only 10,000 bottles produced in 2020, it’s a rare find.

Upon pouring, the nose reveals a complex bouquet of blackcurrants and blueberries, teasing the senses with a promising aroma. In the mouth, this wine showcases a harmonious balance and a surprising smoothness in its tannins, typical of a Tempranillo, yet complemented by a delightful spiciness. The finish is nothing short of enchanting, as soft as silk and delightfully persistent.


In conclusion, the 2020 Cemento Roja by Valenciso is a wine that truly captivates the senses. It is not just an autumnal delight, but also a perfect companion to meat dishes and Spanish delicacies. The talented winemakers have worked their magic, resulting in a wine that deserves recognition. At an affordable price point of around 25 euros, this wine is an excellent value and a must-try for anyone seeking a wonderful wine experience. Valenciso has once again proven their dedication to crafting exceptional wines that stand out in a crowded field. We happily reward this Rioja red with a 93-point DWA score.

This wine is reviewed by our own Jorick Wimmers. The wines of Valenciso are imported in the Netherlands by Goessens Professionals in Wine and available through associated retailers and restaurants.

Price:                          €25

Taste date:                October 2023

Score:                         93/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Valenciso