Brut Valle de Limarí – Tatié
Style: Sparkling
Country: Chile
Region: Limari Valley
Grape: Champagne | Chardonnay | Pinot Noir | White Blend
Score: 90-94
Price: 20-35 euro

Brut Valle de Limarí – Tatié.

The Tatié story has started in 2009, after years of geological studies and experimentation in its ongoing search for innovation and excellence to produce quality wines. In this year Vina Tabalí acquired the Talinay vineyards which was the start for a partnership with Champagne’s Thiénot family. 

The big surprise came early, when the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines from its first harvest were named best in Chile. These grapes also form the basis of the Brut Valle de Limarí. A sparkling wine that is a fusion of Chilean terroir and Champagne expertise. 

About the Region

The vineyard in this unique project is located in Northern Chile’s Limarí Valley, 12 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. Here the vines enjoy a coastal climate on limestone rich slopes. An unusual landscape, that forms part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, a geological phenomenon that is unique to Chile and the world. 

This windy area significantly lowers the temperature, with the help of daily sea breezes, and makes this one of the coolest wine producing area’s in Chile, despite its close proximity to the equator. The specific terroir allows the grapes to ripen slowly and maintain the right acidity levels to grow the grapes needed for this sparkling wine.

About the Winery

A small introduction to two major players that initiated the ‘Tatié story’. Two relatively young players in the international wine scene, driven by innovation, knowledge and a determination to craft high-quality wine.

Vina Tabali was founded in 2002 by Guillermo Luksic, though the first vineyards were planted by him in 1993. Today the winery is led by his son Nicolas Luksic. As Nicolas explained: ‘what we are seeking is to produce high quality wines that reveal their origin and transport the person tasting them to the soil and climate of Tabali’s vineyards. That is what my father always wanted to transmit.’

The history of Thiénot family started in 1985 when the Thiénot Champagne House was established by Garance and Stanislas Thiénot. The consistency of style is seamlessly assured by Nicolas Uriel, Chief de cave since 2017. However, he is on board with the Maison since 2008, doubly-qualified as both agronomist and oenologist.

In 2013 Thiénot family visited Tabali and its vineyards, subsequently in 2014 launching first vinification of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, to assess its quality and potential from diverse parcels of the vineyard.

Tatié is a new starting point to produce high-quality sparkling wines by traditional method in Chile. The unique joint venture between Viña Tabali and Champagne Thiénot commenced in 2017, when they signed a partnership agreement hence the name ‘Tatié’.

About the Wine

This non-vintage (NV) brut is a blend of two grape varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, it is produced following the méthode traditionnelle, just like it is done in France’s Champagne region. In the production Tatié uses reserve wines to maintain a level of consistency and style.

Now on to the tasting. Visually the wine displays a rich lemon yellow colour and a fine mousse. In the nose olfactory senses are being exposed to delicate tropical fruit aromatics, pineapple, stone fruits as peach and tones of a sun kissed orchard garden. Deeper engagement releases a layer of autolytic odors, that fill your glass with richness, freshly baked bread crust and toast. 

On the palate elegant effervescence chaperones a medium acidity of serene character. Savory character compliments ripeness of bouquet. A prolonged finale with flavors persists in heaviness after the last sip.


This project combines the quality of the vineyards of the Limarí region with expertness of one of the main players in the world of champagne. Delivered at a strong price point we award this NV Brut with a 91-point DWA score.

This sparkling wine, and other wines from Tabalí, are imported by Vinites and available through associated resellers and restaurants. This review has been written by our own Jelena van Eerdenburg.

Price:                          €23,95

Taste date:                January 2024

Score:                         91/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Tabalí