2020 Gevrey Chambertin En Ergot Cuvée du Meleze – Laurent Ponsot
Style: Red
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Grape: Pinot Noir
Score: 90-94
Price: 125 euro +

2020 Gevrey Chambertin En Ergot Cuvée du Meleze – Laurent Ponsot.

The 2020 Gevrey Chambertin En Ergot Cuvée du Meleze from Laurent Ponsot represents a synthesis of traditional Burgundian winemaking and innovative viticultural techniques. This review delves into the characteristics of the wine itself and the unique approach of the winery that crafts it. Laurent Ponsot, a revered figure in the world of Burgundy wines, combines the roles of both grower and négociant, embracing the heritage of the region while introducing a modern sensibility to every bottle produced.

This particular cuvée, harvested from the esteemed parcel of La Petite Chapelle, showcases the rich potential of the Gevrey Chambertin appellation. It reflects both the terroir’s profound influence on the wine’s flavor profile and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its production.

Join us as we taste the 2020 Gevrey Chambertin En Ergot Cuvée du Meleze, appreciating its complexity and anticipating its evolution, exemplifying Laurent Ponsot’s philosophy of creating “haute couture wines”—each bottle a unique expression of time, place, and the winemaker’s art.

About the Winery

Laurent Ponsot epitomizes a modern yet traditional approach to winemaking, blending centuries-old practices with contemporary vision in the heart of Burgundy. Over 7 hectares, the company cultivates a diverse array of appellations, maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature by eschewing chemicals but staying ready to employ modern viticultural methods when necessary. In addition to their own vineyards they buy grapes from various grape growers in the wider Burgundy region.

Historically, Burgundian wine was cultivated by growers and then sold in barrels to négociants who aged, bottled, and sold the wine. Although the prestige of négociants declined with the rise of estate bottling in the 1970s, Laurent Ponsot has embraced and revitalized this traditional role. Today, they excel in the art of assembling wines, sourcing grapes from top-quality growers, reflecting a deep commitment to creating what they refer to as “haute couture wines.”

The company’s philosophy extends beyond just winemaking; it is a holistic approach to the culture of wine. Laurent Ponsot’s operation is neither solely a Domain nor a Maison but a synthesis of both, where the craft of winemaking and the art of wine assembling coalesce. This philosophy is visually represented in their logo, which features the green of young vine leaves and the dark grey of cellar half-light, symbolizing the union of vineyard and cellar, earth and craftsmanship.

Laurent Ponsot, along with his son Clément, who shares his deep-rooted passion for the winemaking tradition, leads the company. Supported by his wife Claude and two other children, Claire and Nicolas, who form a dedicated team that has been with him for over two decades, Laurent Ponsot is poised to ensure that each bottle produced under their name is a testament to their expertise and love for Burgundy’s terroir.

In this new chapter, Laurent Ponsot continues to harness his decades of experience to craft wines that are not just beverages but expressions of luxury and design, each bottle a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted and profoundly connected to its origins.

About the Wine

The Cuvee du Meleze, sourced from the esteemed parcel of La Petite Chapelle and classified as a Premier Cru, reveals a more structured side typical of this section of the appellation. The 2020 vintage by Laurent Ponsot presents an intriguing canvas of flavors and aromas. 

Upon uncorking, the wine exhibits a deep purple hue, indicative of its youth and vigor. This intensity in color is a prelude to the sensory experiences that are to be expected.

The bouquet is a complex interplay of dark wild berries and subtle earthy notes, enlivened by a peppery spice that provides an immediate allure. This spice is not just a fleeting greeting; it integrates seamlessly with the fruitiness, hinting at the layered experience to follow. As the wine breathes, it reveals hints of violet and mignonette, a floral echo that balances the initial earthiness.

On the palate, this Gevrey Chambertin is generously structured. The body is robust, filled with lush dark fruit flavors that promise and deliver depth. These are supported by velvety tannins that are remarkably well-integrated, giving the wine a silky texture that belies its underlying strength. The finish is long and savory, a testament to the quality of the terroir and the meticulous winemaking process. The initial note of volatility, noticeable at first, dissipates to leave a clean, enduring taste.

Drinking beautifully now, this wine also promises great potential for aging. Its firm structure and the harmony between fruit, tannins, and acidity suggest that it will evolve gracefully, developing more complex undergrowth and gamey notes typical of mature Gevrey wines.

In summary, this Gevrey Chambertin En Ergot Cuvee du Meleze is a vibrant, well-crafted wine that offers both immediate pleasure and the promise of future complexity. It stands as a fine example of Laurent Ponsot’s commitment to quality and the expressive potential of the Gevrey Chambertin appellation. Wine lovers would do well to secure a few bottles for their cellar, to enjoy both in its spirited youth and its nuanced maturity.

We award this wine with a 93-point DWA score.

This review is written by our own Niels Aarts. The wines of Laurent Ponsot are sold in the Netherlands through Best of Wines, and also online available in their webshop for international customers.

Price:                          €168,19

Taste date:                May 2024

Score:                         93/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Laurent Ponsot