2019 Limestone Hill Malbec – Pyros Wines
Style: Red
Country: Argentina
Region: Pedernal Valley
Grape: Malbec
Score: 90-94
Price: 75-125 euro

2019 Limestone Hill Malbec – Pyros Wines.

In 2008, Myndert Pon, the visionary founder of Bodegas Salentein, embarked on a journey that led him to the breathtaking Pedernal Valley in San Juan, Argentina. Captivated by its untamed beauty and diverse terroir, Pon envisioned creating wines that would encapsulate the valley’s unique characteristics. This dream culminated in the establishment of Pyros Wines, a collection of world-class wines that reflect the extraordinary terroir of the Pedernal Valley. Out of this collection we are reviewing the 2019 Limestone Hill Malbec, one of the best wines produced by Pyros Wines.

About the Winery

Pyros Wines is renowned for its distinctive and exclusive wines, produced from grapes cultivated in the secluded Pedernal Valley. This deep and isolated canyon, nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, offers a unique environment that contributes to the creation of exceptional wines. The valley’s elevation, ranging from 1,250 to 1,500 meters above sea level, coupled with its natural protection from pests and civilization, creates unparalleled conditions for viticulture.

Pedernal Valley, recognized as a Wine Geographical Indication (G.I.) since 2007, is a testament to Argentina’s potential for producing world-class wines. The continental climate, characterized by significant temperature variations, fosters the development of grapes with thick skins, balanced sugars, polyphenols, and acids. These conditions result in wines with intense color, rich aromas, robust tannin structures, and remarkable natural acidity, enhancing their aging potential.

The soils of Pedernal Valley are equally unique. The eastern area, where Pyros Vineyards are located, boasts calcareous soils of geological origin, formed over 480 million years ago in a marine sedimentary environment. These loamy-sandy soils, rich in limestone and other minerals, offer excellent water infiltration and retention, contributing to the production of high-quality wines with distinctive tannin textures. The diversity of soils, combined with the valley’s altitude and climatic conditions, creates a terroir unlike any other in the world.

Pyros Vineyard spans 350 hectares along the southwest of Pedernal Hill, with 80 hectares dedicated to Malbec. The vineyard’s strategic location along the west hillside at 1,400 meters above sea level provides optimal soil, climate, and water conditions. The high limestone content at the top of the hillside and the presence of various rocks and fine-grained soils at lower elevations contribute to the vineyard’s exceptional quality. This soil diversity influences the vines, allowing for the production of wines with varied profiles within the same style. Additionally, the constant southern breeze ensures vine health, further enhancing the quality of the grapes.

About the Wine

The 2019 Limestone Hill Malbec from Pyros Wines is an exemplary showcase of the unique terroir of the Pedernal Valley. Sourced from the exclusive Limestone Hill plot, where the soil comprises prehistoric calcareous rocks and fine material like sand, silt, and clay, this wine embodies the distinct characteristics of its origin. The high altitude and cold climate contribute to a Malbec that is both texturally unique and richly layered in flavor.

In the glass, this Malbec presents a deep, dark purple hue that is almost opaque, hinting at the wine’s intensity and concentration. On the nose, the 2019 Limestone Hill Malbec is richly aromatic. Initial notes of fresh sour cherry and ripe plums are prominent, intertwined with the refreshing scent of mint and wild herbs. As the wine breathes, secondary aromas emerge, revealing elegant floral hints and subtle influences from the aging process, such as a touch of vanilla and spice. 

The palate is where this Malbec truly shines. It offers a vibrant and complex flavor profile, with layers that unfold progressively. The entry is marked by fine, silky tannins that provide a smooth texture. The wine’s refreshing acidity is balanced by a pronounced minerality, a signature of its calcareous soil origin. Flavors of red fruits dominate initially, with sour cherry and plum giving way to a more herbaceous and floral character mid-palate. 

The wine is both creamy and juicy, with a chalky texture that channels the flow while maintaining the grape’s expansive character. This mineral backbone, combined with the freshness imparted by the valley’s unique climate, creates a stimulating and thirst-quenching experience.

The finish is long and persistent, leaving a lasting impression of the wine’s complexity and elegance. Notes of red fruit and herbs linger, accompanied by a subtle earthiness and a touch of spice from the oak aging.


The 2019 Pyros Limestone Hill Malbec is a refined and expressive wine that beautifully reflects the unique terroir of the Pedernal Valley. Its combination of rich aromatics, layered flavors, and exceptional texture make it a standout among Argentine Malbecs. This limited edition, with only 5,700 bottles produced, is a must-try for Malbec enthusiasts and those seeking a wine that embodies the essence of its origin.

We award this Argentinean Malbec with a 93-point DWA score.

This rating reflects the wine’s exceptional quality, depth of flavor, and the meticulous care taken in its production. The 2019 Limestone Hill Malbec is a testament to the unique qualities of the Pedernal Valley and the expertise of the Pyros Wines team.

This review is written by our own Niels Aarts. Pyros Wines is imported by Dutch importer Verbunt Verlinden and available through selected retail and hospitality partners.

Price:                          €85,95

Taste date:                May 2024

Score:                         93/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Pyros Wines