2018 Mas La Plana – Torres Family Wines
Style: Red
Country: Spain
Region: Penedes
Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon
Score: 90-94
Price: 50-75 euro

2018 Mas La Plana – Torres Family Wines.

Torres Family Wines is a leading Spanish winery with a global presence, nurtured by five generations dedicated to excellence. Their hard work has left an indelible mark on the wine world. In this review, we delve into one of their top-tier wines from their home region of Penedès: the 2018 Mas La Plana, crafted from old vine Cabernet Sauvignon.

About the Winery

For five generations, the Torres family has been dedicated to the art of winemaking, blending tradition and innovation to celebrate life, care for the earth, and carry on their legacy. Rooted in the rich winegrowing history of Penedès, Spain, since 1870, the family’s viticultural heritage dates back to the 16th century. Their deep devotion to the land is reflected in the vineyards they cultivate and the wines they produce, each bottle capturing the essence of landscapes that have been cultivated for centuries.

The Torres family’s journey as winegrowers began in 1559, but it was in 1870 that brothers Jaime and Miguel Torres Vendrell officially founded the winery in Vilafranca del Penedès, focusing on exporting their wines. Each successive generation has navigated the challenges of their times, contributing to a family business that harmonizes innovation with a deep respect for tradition.

Mr. Miguel Agustín Torres Riera, representing the fourth generation, joined the family business in 1962 after studying viticulture and oenology in France. His innovative approach positioned Familia Torres wines at the forefront of quality and sustainability. In the 1970s, he introduced French grape varieties, resulting in notable wines like Mas La Plana and Milmanda, and played a key role in reviving Catalan winemaking heritage by reclaiming ancestral varieties, exemplified by Grans Muralles.

Under Miguel’s leadership, Familia Torres expanded internationally, establishing winemaking projects in Chile (1979) and California (1982), with his sister Marimar Torres leading the Californian venture. Their commitment to the environment is evident in the Torres & Earth program, launched in 2008 to reduce their carbon footprint and adapt to climate change.

In the late 1990s, the fifth generation, Miguel and Mireia Torres, initiated new winemaking projects in Catalonia’s Priorat and Costers del Segre regions, as well as in Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Rueda, and Rías Baixas. In 2012, Miguel Torres Maczassek became general manager, and Mireia Torres Maczassek became director of knowledge and innovation. They continue the family legacy, focusing on unique wines from historical vineyards and estates, and championing the recovery of ancestral varieties.

Recent projects include Mas de la Rosa, Purgatori, and Forcada, a varietal wine from a rescued ancestral variety. The fifth generation is committed to innovation and sustainability, adopting regenerative viticulture to combat climate change. This approach maximizes vineyards’ potential as carbon sinks, restores soil fertility, reduces erosion, and promotes biodiversity. The goal of becoming a zero-emission winery by 2040 underscores Familia Torres’s dedication to long-term sustainability and the preservation of vinicultural landscapes.

Familia Torres stands as a beacon of innovation and tradition in the world of wine. Their unwavering commitment to the land, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, ensures that each bottle of Familia Torres wine tells a story of heritage, passion, and sustainability. 

About the Estate 

DO Penedès, the oldest winemaking region in Catalonia, boasts a rich history spanning 2,700 years. This broad, open appellation stretches across a swath of land between the sea and the mountains, midway between Barcelona and Tarragona. The influence of the Mediterranean Sea and abundant sunshine create an exceptional environment for winegrowing. The region’s diverse climate, landscape, and soils contribute to a myriad of flavors and aromas in its wines, making Penedès a unique and celebrated wine region.

Located deep in the heart of Penedès, the 29-hectare Mas La Plana estate in the Turons de Vilafranca subzone exemplifies the harmony of nature and meticulous viticulture. The vineyard is distributed across ten plots, with loamy soils at the lower levels and marlstone at the higher elevations. These old Cabernet Sauvignon vines, planted in the 1970s, thrive under the Mediterranean climate, producing wines that epitomize balance and character.

Mas La Plana has become a symbol of excellence in DO Penedès, reflecting the rich heritage and innovative spirit of the Torres family. The combination of Penedès’ unique terroir and the estate’s dedicated viticulture practices results in wines that capture the essence of their origin, offering a true taste of this historic and vibrant region.

About the Wine

The Mas La Plana wine emerged on the global stage in 1979 when its inaugural 1970 vintage triumphed over some of the world’s greatest Cabernets at the Gault & Millau Wine Olympics in Paris. This win cemented its status as a legendary wine, showcasing the vision of Miguel A. Torres and the potential of estate-grown Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, Mas La Plana continues to reflect the exceptional balance and adaptation of its old vines, representing the pinnacle of premium winemaking.

The 2018 vintage of this wine possesses remarkable depth and elegance. In the glass, it presents a deep, dark ruby hue. On the nose, it offers a complex bouquet of ripe black fruits, such as blackcurrants and blackberries, intertwined with subtle notes of cedar, tobacco, and hints of dark chocolate. The palate is full-bodied and structured, with a harmonious balance between the ripe fruit flavors and well-integrated tannins. The mid-palate reveals layers of complexity, with nuances of vanilla, spice, and a touch of minerality that reflect the unique terroir of the vineyard. The finish is long and persistent, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and finesse.

The 2018 Mas La Plana is a testament to Familia Torres’s commitment to excellence in winemaking. Its rich history, innovative approach, and dedication to sustainability are all encapsulated in this outstanding wine. 

We award this beautiful old-vine Cabernet with a 93-point DWA score.

This review is written by our own Niels Aarts. Torres Family Wines is imported by Dutch importer Walraven Sax and available through selected retail and hospitality partners.

Price:                          €60,00

Taste date:                May 2024

Score:                         93/100 DWA Score

Website:                    Torres Family Wines