Vinites Spring Tasting at Heights

Vinites Spring Tasting at Heights.

The 25th of March could have been an ordinary Monday, but it was not. The spring tasting event hosted by Vinites was marked in red on our calendar. Inma Muñoz, member of our team, had the opportunity to attend and enjoy an interesting list of wines, and discover some new references.  

Vinites, Born out of the Passion for Wine

Vinites started their life as a wine importer more than 40 years ago, born out of the unmistakable love that its owner, Eddy de Boer, felt and still feels for Italian wines. Nowadays Vinites has evolved in a team of great professionals, and although Italy still plays an important role, we also can find in its range of products the traditional wine countries such as France, Germany or Spain plus wines from other continents such as South Africa, Argentina and even countries like Lebanon and Morocco.

From their headquarters located in Haarlem they traveled to Amsterdam to show some of the highlights of their wine collection to their customers, F&B wholesalers, retailers and hospitality partners. Along with existing treasures in their portfolio they presented a selection of new wines that captivated our palates.

¡Hasta La Vista, Baby! 

The chosen location for this tasting was Sky bar “Hasta la vista, Baby”.  A unique place with Spanish and Portuguese touches. Strategically located on the 19th floor of one of the gigantic buildings of Amsterdam’s ‘Zuidas’ and part of the cozy Melia hotel. The experience and views were truly really great. As we tasted the selected wines, we found ourselves not only figuratively, but also literally, reaching for the clouds. 

For this article we selected a four out of many highlights, that will transport you to great heights.

Bella Italia, Mura Mura

What do Ice Cream and Wine have in common? At first sight, almost nothing. But in this winery, they share quite a lot. The founders of Mura Mura, Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti, established Gelateria Grom in Turin, Italy, in 2008. It quickly became an exquisite reference for gelato both in their country and beyond. These connoisseurs of the good life and intelligent businessmen decided to sell their successful company (to Unilever) and devote themselves wholeheartedly to the world of wine. Guido’s passion for wine had always been close to his heart, as his father was already deeply involved in the beautiful world of wine. 

As Guido himself explains: ‘Mura Mura means beauty and roots to me’. The two friends enthusiastically enjoy this stage in their lives, bringing to the market characteristic wines from their beloved region in the northeast of Italy, Piedmont. Here, the reigning variety is Nebbiolo, which is planted throughout all their lands. Alongside Nebbiolo, we find different local red grapes like Barbera, Grignolino or Tuche. Guido and Federico also make white wines and among others varieties with the almost forgotten Timorasso, but today we will focus only on their reds and more specifically on those wines that are never missing from their dinner table.

Mura Mura, New Kids on the Italian Block.

2020 Miolera | Barbera

The wine that Guido drinks with the greatest pleasure.

This wine boasts an appealing ruby hue, brimming with an array of black fruits including blackberries and plums, alongside red fruits like strawberries and raspberries. It offers subtle hints of toast and vanilla, enhancing its complexity. The palate is soft and silky, characterized by freshness, well-balanced acidity, and fine tannins, culminating in a medium to full body.

We award this wine with a 90-point DWA score.

2021 Garibaldi | Grignolino

This Garibaldi is Federico’s wife’s favorite.

This vibrant, light red wine captivates with its energetic character, displayed through a bright ruby appearance. It primarily showcases fruity notes of raspberry and strawberry, enriched with subtle hints of vanilla and clove. The wine offers dynamic acidity and velvety tannins, providing a well-structured palate.

We award this wine with a 91-point DWA score.

2018 Mercuzio | Nebbiolo, Barbera, Grignolino, Ruche

Federico and Mercuzio go hand in hand. He drinks it in winter and in summer, while cooking on his Big Green Egg.

This wine exhibits a beautiful ruby red hue and seductive aromas of red fruits mingled with spices. It offers vibrant acidity and a concentrated flavor profile, making it exceptionally palatable. A refreshing finish adds an elegant flourish to its overall character.

We award this wine with a 91-point DWA score.


Mura Mura means living slowly, at a leisurely pace in which every moment is an opportunity to appreciate the treasures that surround us. You pleasantly perceive all this when you taste their wines. A passion exploring with curiosity and pursuing perfection with elegance and delicacy.

Patagonia: Argentina’s New Frontiers, Otronia  

The southernmost winery from Argentina, and the entire world, was also present at this event. Otronia is located in the south of the province of Chubut, in the town of Sarmiento. Specifically, at the 45º33′ parallel, which is why it is rightly called the ‘Extreme Patagonia’. As their representative Pippa Townley explained to us: “There is nothing there, absolutely nothing. Just vines in a fertile valley in the heart of the Patagonian steppe, in a cold climate, with a wind that can reach 100 kilometers per hour”. All this, together with an altitude of approximately 260 meters above sea level, are important factors that have a great influence on the organoleptic character of the wines. 

Pippa Townley Representing Otronia.

2019 “45 Rugientes” Corte de Blancas | Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris

Its name comes from the geographical location of the winery, on the 45º parallel. Made with white varieties that vary in proportion according to the years.  

This white blend, ‘Corte de Blancas,’ is vibrant, featuring tropical aromas with hints of jasmine and a distinct minerality that is pronounced on the nose. It is fresh and pleasing to the palate, offering a medium body and a well-balanced finish.

We award this wine with a 89-point DWA score.

2019 “45 Rugientes” | Pinot Noir

Rugientes (named after the wind that “ruge” roars in that area) is born from the blend of different plots of Pinot Noir and assembled to display the character of the terroir in this distinctive Argentinean wine region. 

This elegant Pinot Noir presents a rich array of red fruits on the nose, complemented by subtle hints of spice and the distinct minerality characteristic of its region. It features pleasing acidity, and is fresh and delicate on the palate.

We award this wine with a 90-point DWA score.

2018 Block 1 Pinot Noir | Pinot Noir 

With nothing to envy to the well-known Pinot Noir from Burgundy, this shiny ruby red wine is born from the best selected grapes from Block 1. Hence its name. 

This wine exemplifies the high character of its variety, showcasing a complex profile of red fruits including cherries and strawberries, enhanced by herbal and floral nuances. It features silky tannins and is both fine and stylish. The intensity is matched by firm acidity, offering pleasant vitality and good depth.

We award this wine with a 91-point DWA score.

2018 Bloque III y VI Chardonnay Organic | Chardonnay

Intense aromatic expression of this Chardonnay born in Patagonian chalky soils. 

This wine captivates with its aromatic profile of white fruits, herbs, citrus, and floral notes. It delivers a fresh and deep flavor, having been aged in French oak foudres for approximately 18 months. Enjoyable now, this wine also holds excellent aging potential. Its vibrant acidity and distinctive personality are indicative of its cool climate origins.

We award this wine with a 91-point DWA score.


Those familiar with the wines of this country will be surprised. The wines from this winery present a unique sensory profile for Argentina, completely different from what Mendoza wine lovers, for example, are used to. Otronia: At the edge of the (im)possible.  

Portugal’s Finest, Anselmo Mendes 

Next stop on our tasting journey is Anselmo Mendes, one of Portugal’s top winemakers. Among the wines that his son Tiago gave us to taste, we tasted a very unique one from the Azores Islands.

Tiago Presenting the Anselmo Mendes Wines.

2021 Magma | Verdelho

Made from the Verdelho variety (not to be confused with Verdejo from Spain). The vines grow in volcanic soils, surrounded by magma rocks that protect them from the strong Atlantic winds. The combination of nutrients and minerals unique to these soils, together with the particular climatic conditions, result in wine with distinctive flavors and characteristics.

This dry white wine features an attractive golden yellow hue and a crisp texture. It is redolent with aromas of citrus, stone fruit, and floral notes, complemented by a mineral freshness and distinct salty undertones. It offers a medium body and mild acidity.

We award this wine with a 89-point DWA score.

2022 Muros de Melgaço | Alvarinho

If anyone knows how to work with the Alvarinho variety in Portugal, it is Anselmo Mendes. That’s why we couldn’t resist tasting this wine. In this one you can taste this variety fermented in French oak barrels for 6 months. 

This wine exudes aromas of apple and citrus, enhanced by a pronounced minerality and subtle wood accents, creating a mellow and rounded mouthfeel. Vibrant acidity adds freshness, while its medium body leads to a beautiful finish.

We award this wine with a 90-point DWA score.

Rioja History, Bodegas Valdemar

Innovation and tradition. Two words that describe Bodegas Valdemar, according to Silvia Saez, the representative of this Rioja winery at the tasting. Valdemar has been present in this Spanish region for more than 130 years, and five generations of the Martínez Bujanda family. 

The family owns more than 300 hectares of vineyards spread over the Rioja appellation. Valdemar is an innovative winery because, among other things, they were the first in Spain to create a white wine fermented in oak barrels. They also initiated the recovery of old grape varieties such as Maturana and Graciano. 

Generation after generation, they continue to show a deep and traditional love for the terroir and act consciously in a sustainable way.

Silvia Saez Representing Bodegas Valdemar.

2023 Conde de Valdemar | Tempranillo Blanco

This wine is made with the Tempranillo Blanco variety, a grape that comes from a natural genetic mutation that occurred in a red Tempranillo vine in Rioja. Bodegas Valdemar was a forerunner in its planting. 

This dry white wine showcases a pale-yellow hue and bursts with intense notes of stone and tropical fruits, including peach, pineapple, and melon. Smooth and balanced on the palate, it offers a fresh yet mellow experience, culminating in a medium, harmonious finish.

We award this wine with a 88-point DWA score.

2021 Conde Valdemar Finca Alto Cantabria SV | Viura

Dry white wine made from 100% Viura grape variety. A wine positioned in the ‘Singular Vineyard’ catagory (SV), which is only awarded to wines from vineyards that have strict quality requirements in relation to their terroir.

This wine represents the pinnacle of Viura, with a lovely light-yellow color. It exudes aromas of melon, nectarine, and white flowers, delivering a fresh and flavorful experience on the palate. The creaminess and elegance of this wine stem from its fermentation and aging in French oak barrels, leading to a tasteful and well-rounded medium finish.

We award this wine with a 90-point DWA score.

2020 Balcon de Pilatos | Maturana Tinta 

Single varietal made from this grape almost extinct last century in Rioja due to Phylloxera. Recovered by this winery to make wines as special as this one.  

The Balcón de Pilatos immediately captivates with its spectacular, bright cherry red color, illuminating the glass with deep intensity. It boasts intense aromas of ripe black fruit, including plum and cherry, complemented by spices, cocoa, and vanilla. On the palate, it begins softly and richly flavored. Well-integrated medium to high tannins and a full body lead to an elegant finish.

We award this wine with a 91-point DWA score.

2018 La Gargantilla | Garnacha

This medium ruby red wine presents expressive and fresh notes, laden with red fruits, and accented with hints of licorice and wood. Its greatest virtue is the preservation of vibrant acidity and fragile elegance, emblematic of its unique origin. Sourced from a plot named after the wine itself, this grape thrives at an altitude of approximately 500 meters above sea level—significantly higher than the typical 300 meters. This elevation allows for optimal thermal oscillation of the fruit, ensuring superior quality. On the palate, it is silky and delicate, culminating in a persistent finish.

We award this wine with a 91-point DWA score.


When passion for innovation is combined with respect for tradition, fusing the ability to look to the future with the ability to keep its history alive, that is where Bodegas Valdemar and its wines are born.

A Toast to Tradition and Innovation: Reflecting on Vinites Spring Tasting at Heights

The Vinites Spring Tasting at Heights was an exhilarating journey through the world of fine wines, offering attendees a unique opportunity to experience a spectrum of flavors, histories, and terroirs. Each wine presented, from the elegant Italian reds of Mura Mura to the pioneering efforts of Bodegas Valdemar in Rioja, illustrated the deep passion and meticulous craft that define the global wine industry. The event not only highlighted the diverse offerings of Vinites but also showcased the evolving narratives of wine regions around the world, from the extreme conditions of Patagonia’s Otronia to the volcanic richness of the Azores with Anselmo Mendes’ creations. 

The impeccable organization by Vinites and the stunning backdrop of “Hasta La Vista, Baby” Sky bar made this event a memorable one, setting a high standard for future tastings. 

This article is written by our own Inma Muñoz. We would like to thank Vinites for their invitation and the wineries for the great wines. All mentioned wines are available through selected wholesale, retail and hospitality partners in the Netherlands.