Exploring the Craftsmanship of Nederburg wines

Exploring the Craftsmanship of Nederburg wines.

At the end of 2023 our own Teri Wheeler represented Dutch Wine Apprentice, on a journey into the world of one of South Africa’s most esteemed wine brands, Nederburg Wines.

The afternoon began with a captivating luncheon at ‘Flora Batava’ in Breukelen. Head Winemaker Samuel Viljoen and General Manager Kate Jackson graced the event, setting the stage for an extraordinary exploration of Nederburg wines.

Nederburg Wines: Harmonizing Tradition and Contemporary Winemaking

Our exploration of Nederburg commenced with a delightful aperitif featuring the Manor Sauvignon Blanc 2022, setting the stage for an introduction to the masterminds behind Nederburg’s triumph.

Head Winemaker Samuel Viljoen and General Manager Kate Jackson imparted valuable insights into the winery’s storied history, distinctive terroir, and the meticulous artistry of winemaking, creating an immersive prelude to our forthcoming wine pairing experience.

Situated in the Western Cape near Paarl, Nederburg proudly boasts a heritage dating back to 1791, founded by German immigrant Philippus Wolvaart. The winery’s terroir, characterized by diverse soils and a Mediterranean climate, serves as the canvas for crafting wines of exceptional quality.

Nederburg’s dedication to achieving optimal grape ripening and flavor development strikes an ideal equilibrium between traditional and modern winemaking techniques, ensuring each bottle carries a distinctive character. Going beyond the pursuit of exceptional wines, Nederburg actively champions sustainable and eco-friendly practices, underscoring their commitment to preserving the land for generations to come.

Nederburg Winemaker Samuel Viljoen.

Sip and Savour: Pairing Nederburg’s wines

After savouring the exquisite Manor Sauvignon Blanc, we continued our culinary journey. Notable highlights from the lunch that followed included the 2022 Wine Masters Chardonnay paired with burrata, the 2022 Wine Masters Pinot Grigio with a white fish dish, and the 2018 Two Centuries Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a decadent chocolate cake.

Nederburg’s diverse portfolio, featuring white, red, and dessert wines, showcased the winery’s versatility and commitment to catering to various tastes.

Flagship Blends and Heritage Tributes: Nederburg’s Unique Offerings

The presentation that followed highlighted Nederburg’s flagship blends, including the Ingenuity and Heritage Heroes Collection, paying homage to key figures in the winery’s illustrious history.

Besides being the producer of great wines, the estate is a strong recommendation for wine lovers to visit when in South Africa. Visitors to the Nederburg winery can indulge in guided estate tours, wine tastings, and exquisite food pairings at the winery’s restaurant, all against the backdrop of the historic manor house with its Cape Dutch architecture.

The Brewmaster, part of Nederburg’s Heritage Heroes Collection.

South Africa’s Wine Emissary: Nederburg’s Timeless Impact

In summary, Nederburg winery stands as a testament to South Africa’s winemaking tradition, seamlessly blending history, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to quality. Our luncheon experience was a celebration of the legacy, craftsmanship, and culinary artistry that define Nederburg’s timeless impact on the world of wine.

The afternoon concluded with a personalized engraved bottle of The Brew Master 2019, a beautiful and memorable gift symbolizing the culmination of an educational and celebratory event dedicated to South Africa’s most renowned and admired wine brand, Nederburg.

We would like to thank Nederburg wines (in particular Samuel Viljoen and Kate Jackson) and Pitch PR for organizing this event and inviting us.

The Nederburg wines are imported in the Netherlands by Walraven-Sax and sold through associated retailers and hospitality partners. This article is written by our own Teri Wheeler.