A Taste of California in the Heart of Rotterdam

A Taste of California in the Heart of Rotterdam.

It had been, give or take, twenty years since Jody Bogle was in the Netherlands. However, a winemaker’s lunch celebrating Bogle wines, at renowned Restaurant C.E.O. Baas van het Vlees, was more than enough reason for her to jump the puddle once more. In a collaborative event hosted by star chef Mario Ridder and Dutch wine importer Hosman Vins, guests of the luncheon were treated to a wonderful experience of Californian wines and high-quality meats. 

During this lovely Thursday afternoon, all attendees enjoyed a whopping seventeen different Bogle wines, expertly paired with seven delicious courses. Throughout the lunch, Jody took the time to tell the story behind the wines, the family, and their goals. One of our favorite anecdotes was that of how a potato farmer turned into a producer of high-quality wines that is now sold in 47 countries worldwide. Interested? Read on and find out more!

Six Generations of Farmers

The story of the Bogle family as farmers started all the way back in the late 1870’s when captain AJ Bogle traveled from Tennessee to the Californian Delta. They set down the roots of the family by farming fruit such as cherries, peaches and pears. Several generations went by and the farmland continued to expand. An incredibly interesting start, but let’s jump to the fourth generation of Bogle winemakers to tell you a story that we found absolutely delightful. 

After serving in World War II, Warren Bogle decided to start growing potatoes on some newly purchased land. To his surprise, the potatoes all started dying. Warren could not figure out why, so he asked a local farmer to come up and take a look. It was this farmer that initiated the start of the Bogle Wines by stating that he was not sure why the potatoes did not work out, but he believed the soil to be excellent for growing grapes. 

Following his advice, Warren and his son Chris planted the first wine grapes in 1968. After about ten years of growing grapes for other wineries, the Bogle family started their own label that continues to thrive today, both locally and on the international market. In the family’s own words, “thank goodness the potatoes failed…”.

Today, the sixth generation of Bogle farmers sit at the helm of the winery. Siblings Warren, Jody and Ryan work in the day-to-day operations of the winery, together with their incredible team. They continue to be inspired and driven by the many generations before them. When asked, they will most likely refer to themselves as farmers, not winemakers, even to this day. 

Attention to Detail

The Bogle family currently owns several plots of land growing their own wine grapes in Clarksburg, Lodi and the Sierra Foothills. Additionally, they source the best grapes from the best vineyards throughout the state of California. 

Each block of grapes is picked and vinted separately, allowing the winemakers to ensure both the consistency and the quality that the wines are known and loved for. By doing this, Vice President of Winemaking, Eric Aafedt, also has the opportunity to decide which grapes will be used for which wines in varying quality and price ranges. This can change yearly, based on the production of that particular year. 

According to Jody, Eric is “a true master of balance in wine”. 

Bogle Family Vineyards is proud of their commitment to the quality of their wines. This shines through in their passion, but also in the way they go the extra mile to bring quality wines to the consumer. This can be seen by, for example, the way they hand stir their Chardonnay when it lays on the lees to aging their red wines in small oak barrels.

Ruben Hosman and Jody Bogle.


Spooky in a Good Way

Bogle Family Vineyards has several different collections of wine in the market. One of them is called the ‘Phantom’ collection. The name of this collection is a fun play at the Scottish meaning of the word Bogle. When translated, Bogle is Scottish for ghost. 

The story goes that there was a stone called ‘the Bogle stone’ in the harbor outside of the Scottish town of Glasgow. Those brave enough would sometimes dare to make a wish to the Bogle stone, as it was said that the Bogle would grant wishes to those pure of heart and besieging those who would not believe. So, whenever one did not return, it was assumed that it was because they were taken by the ghost of Bogle. 

Many years have passed since this legend started, but it still continues on. The Bogle family have taken this story and used it as a creative way to market this collection. On their website, they even call it ‘hauntingly delicious wines’!

Certified Green

Coming from many generations of farmers, the Bogle family know how important the water and the land is to a good production. Being sustainable for the Bogle’s means to leave the land and the company even better for future generations. 

The family also shows their commitment to sustainability by paying close attention to the California Rules for Sustainability, which distinguishes growers who follow strict guidelines. Over the years, they started by making sure all growers implemented these sustainability rules. This dedication paid off in 2021, when 96% of all the grapes processed in the Bogle Family Vineyard became ‘certified green’ by the California Rules for Sustainability Program. 

Besides the fact that they are known to produce good quality wines for reasonable prices, the family is also praised by their way of producing wines with respect for nature. 

Our Tasting Notes

As previously mentioned, guests of the luncheon at C.E.O. Baas van het Vlees were treated to a seven-course lunch and seventeen wines. For our tasting notes, we have made a selection of four wines to highlight. 

The Versatile Bogle Wine-Up at our Lunch.

2021 Zinfandel

“Elegant and very refined” are the words that Jody Bogle used to describe this Old Vine Zinfandel. We could not agree more. The grapes are handpicked from 60-80-year-old vines and carefully turned into a wine that is of surprising quality and intensity. 

Ripe tones of red fruit and a touch of dark chocolate. A hint of oak and tobacco. Full bodied, beautiful structure and the taste stays in the mouth for a pleasant amount of time.

This wine was served with eggplant, short rib and burrata. 

We rewarded this wine with a 87-point DWA score. 

2021 Reserve Chardonnay

Only the best grapes from several of the Bogle vineyards throughout Clarksburg are hand-selected for this wine. The malolactic fermentation, hand stirring of the lees twice monthly, and extended barrel ageing in both French and American oak makes this wine a classic example of a true Californian Chardonnay. One that you are either a massive fan of, or is not the wine for you. We loved it!

Fresh tones of apple and pear that are quickly taken over by notes of butter and vanilla. A sip of this wine leaves the memory of Butterscotch caramel that stays in the mouth for quite some time. 

This wine was served with brisket, sweetbreads, red onion and chicory.

We rewarded this wine with a 89-point DWA score. 

Excellent Food-Wine Pairings and Great Dishes!

2020 Essential Red

This essential blend is made to celebrate the best grapes of that particular vintage. The 2020 is a blend of Petite Syrah, Syrah, Teroldego and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is big, rich and textured with tones of black fruit, earthy tones and a beautiful hint of vanilla. The wine has been aged in American oak for 13 months.

This wine was served with Entrecôte, Asparagus and Hollandaise. 

We rewarded this wine with a 89-point DWA score.

2021 Petit Syrah

Petit Syrah will always have a special place in the hearts of the Bogle family, as it is the first grape that their grandfather Warren planted on the farm. This wine is now considered as the Bogle Family Vineyards’ heritage varietal. 

You are met with hints of blue fruit, whereas a taste of black pepper and cacao lingers in the mouth. The tannins are beautifully soft and the wine is interesting and bold, yet approachable. 

This wine was served with a selection of cheeses.

We rewarded this wine with a 90-point DWA score. 


To conclude, we had a lovely time at C.E.O. Baas van het Vlees, tasting their culinary wonders paired with interesting Californian wines from Bogle. The wines from Bogle are a great option for any lover of true Californian wines.

This article is written by our own Liza Verbeek. The wines of Bogle are imported by Hosman Vins and available through Hosman and selected partners. We would like to thank Hosman Vins, Bogle Wines and C.E.O. Baas van het Vlees for an unforgettable afternoon.