ProWein 2024 with Bibi Graetz and Jackson Family Wines

ProWein 2024 with Bibi Graetz and Jackson Family Wines.

In this special edition of our Podcast we are closing a chapter, and opening a new one. This is the last episode of ‘Dutch Wine Apprentice – The Podcast’ as companion to our Instagram talk show ‘Cellar Talks’. 

For the finale of our Podcast we ventured to Dusseldorf, Germany, for the biggest wine tradeshow of the world: ProWein. In the middle of the ‘Messe Halle’ we recorded an interview with two of our previous guests: Bibi Graetz (Bibi Graetz Winery) from Tuscany and Tim Gray (Jackson Family Wines) from California. We talk about the wineries they represent but about wine trade in general. Together we look at what makes them unique, but also at their similarities. 

Bibi Graetz Winery: A Tuscan Legacy

Bibi Graetz Winery, nestled in the heart of Tuscany, stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the Italian wine landscape. Founded by the eponymous Bibi Graetz, a figure renowned for his artistry both in and out of the winery, the estate has quickly risen to prominence. Graetz, originally an artist, turned his passion for wine into a vocation, focusing on old vines of Sangiovese, Colorino, and Canaiolo to produce wines that reflect the depth and complexity of Tuscany’s terroir.

What sets Bibi Graetz apart is not just the quality of the wines, but the ethos behind their creation. Eschewing traditional classifications, Graetz has focused on expressing the true essence of his vineyards through both red and white wines, achieving critical acclaim globally. His flagship wines, Testamatta and Colore, are lauded for their intricate layers and intensity, a testament to the meticulous care and unconventional approach applied throughout the winemaking process.

Jackson Family Wines: Pioneering Sustainable Excellence

Jackson Family Wines, deeply rooted in the fertile landscapes of California, exemplifies the vision of its founders, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke. The family-owned conglomerate has not only flourished in California but also made a significant mark on the global wine stage, adhering steadfastly to principles of quality, sustainability, and terroir-driven winemaking. Jackson Family Wines harmonizes the innovation of modern viticulture with the reverence of tradition, curating a distinguished portfolio that spans across the world’s most celebrated wine regions.

At the core of their philosophy lies a deep commitment to sustainable wine production, with practices meticulously designed to nurture the environment and produce wines of exceptional quality. Their initiatives in water conservation, renewable energy, and ecosystem preservation set a benchmark for environmental stewardship in the industry.

The Jackson Family portfolio is notably diverse, featuring esteemed wineries such as Kendall-Jackson, as well as boutique estates that express the unique character of their locales. Among these, VéritéLa Jota, and Anakota in California stand out for their exquisite expressions of Bordeaux varieties, mastering the art of blending and single-vineyard winemaking. Internationally, the family’s vision extends to Capensis in South Africa, renowned for its stellar Chardonnay that encapsulates the terroir’s distinctiveness, and Tenuta di Arceno in Italy, where the tradition of Tuscan winemaking is celebrated through superb Sangiovese and international varietals.

This expansive portfolio demonstrates Jackson Family Wines’ dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Each bottle from their estates around the world tells a unique story of place and passion, inviting wine lovers to explore the depth and breadth of their winemaking expertise.

ProWein: The Global Stage for Wine and Spirits

ProWein, held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany, stands as the premier international trade fair for wine and spirits, uniting industry professionals from every corner of the globe. With its inception over 25 years ago, ProWein has grown in both size and prestige, offering an unparalleled platform for producers, importers, and experts to showcase their offerings, share knowledge, and forge essential business connections.

The event distinguishes itself through its vast exhibition space, encompassing thousands of producers from classic and emerging wine regions. Attendees have the unique opportunity to taste a wide array of wines, attend masterclasses, and participate in seminars led by luminaries in the field. ProWein’s focus on innovation, market trends, and the future of the wine and spirits industry makes it an indispensable event for anyone looking to stay abreast of the dynamics shaping the global market.

Grape Masters, Iconic Wineries of the World

So, what is next? As mentioned we are closing one chapter but opening a new one. By the end of April 2024, we are releasing the first episode of our new podcast series called Grape Masters. The old seasons of our podcast will remain available, but our new show will be launched separately, still on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast, as well as our website.

You can read more about Grape Masters here.

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We would like to thank ProWein for allowing us to record at the tradeshow, and setting up their facilities, and of course our guests: Bibi Graetz from Bibi Graetz winery and Tim Gray from Jackson Family Wines.