[Wine Study] Wine Maps

Excited to announce a new partnership with James Flewellen (WSET Diploma graduate) today! One of the goals of Dutch Wine Apprentice is to educate people and help them to better understand wine, making more educated choices, being able to hold down a conversation with a sommelier or wine merchant or just to discover new wines and develop your taste.

Educating yourself might bring you a lot but can also be comprehensive and even intimidating. The world of wine scares away people as much as it attracts them. Having studied with WSET I myself found out that textbooks are not always working in the way they should (no offense but there is so much information so it is hard to keep focus).

More and more people have tried to come up with supportive material that helps you to digest and keep your motivation, and of course I even looked into that myself. But what James has created is nothing short of magnificent! Armed with his talent and wine knowledge he set out to create Wine Maps of the different French Wine Regions, that contain all the facts you must know and are actually easy to digest. On top of that his Wine Maps are a feast for the eye and as easy to understand than the average subway map.

If you want to learn more about wine, French wine regions or just need some help on your WSET course (the maps are modeled with the WSET syllabus in mind) this is just what you need! Check it out on James’s website to learn more about them and order them for Christmas. The perfect gift for every wine lover.

Also I am happy to announce that James will be a guest on one of the editions of my talk show “Cellar Talks”. A great way for you to learn more about him and the maps! Stay tuned for the date. A more comprehensive review of the maps will follow in the upcoming weeks.