[Wine Reviews] Introducing the DWA Review Collection

Since the start of Dutch Wine Apprentice we have been posting weekly reviews on Instagram showcasing a wide variety of wines. We are happy to announce that starting this week we will be posting all our reviews on our website, in addition to instagram.

DWA Review Library

Over the past 2.5 years we have built a library of more than 250 quality wines, now these reviews will become available for everyone, and free to access. Additionally we have implemented some filters for you to retrieve your favourite wines. Using the filter categories you can select your favourite wines based on style, price, country, region, grape variety or even our own DWA rating which we will be assigning to each wine.

All the wines will be added over the upcoming months, and all new reviews will now simultaneously be released both on Instagram and our website. To stay up-to-date on new additions you can subscribe to our newsletter, which we will also be launching soon (to subscribe head over to the contact section on our website).

If you are a producer, importer or retailer and would like to submit your wines for review purposes feel free to contact us through the contact section on this website.