Welcoming New Voices: Barbora and Marlon at Dutch Wine Apprentice

Welcoming New Voices: Barbora and Marlon at Dutch Wine Apprentice.

With new writing opportunities on our horizon, and an ever-present wish to diversify our writing team, we had the opportunity to add to talented wine writers to our all-star writing team. We are happy to welcome Barbora Peterikova and Marlon Rouw, who effectively today will contribute to the Dutch Wine Apprentice platform.

Barbora Peterikova and Marlon Rouw

With Barbora and Marlon, we are again adding two new wine lovers and writers to our growing team. What connects both is their passion for wine, but also their realization that the world of wine always leads to new discoveries.

Dutch Wine Apprentice Founder and Editor in Chief – Niels Aarts on the expansion:

For me personally it is always a pleasure to expand my professional network with professionals and talented individuals that share my love for wine. When Barbora and Marlon came on my path I immediately recognized their potential and the value they could add to the Dutch Wine Apprentice team.

Barbora is a very talented sommelier, that shows her skills in Amsterdam’s top gastronomy and I have tremendous respect for her ambition to become Master of Wine and her drive towards this goal.

Marlon comes from a totally different background but this brings a beautiful perspective to her views on wine. Her passion shines clearly through everything she does, and in a short amount of time she accumulated a mountain of knowledge on the topic of wine.

Barbora and Marlon have shown that they are capable of understanding matters of wine, and able to share this knowledge in an approachable manner to others. We are happy to welcome them in our team and will let them introduce themselves to you.

Barbora Peterikova

I was born in Czechia, which I left at the age of 19. My journey into the world of wine began in Copenhagen, where I fell in love with wine while working in a charming Italian restaurant with an initially daunting wine list.

After spending several enriching years in Copenhagen, I sought new horizons and found myself in Melbourne, where I had the privilege of delving deep into the realm of local wines. For nearly four years, I have been a part of the team at Restaurant Wils in Amsterdam, a place I helped to open. We achieved our first Michelin star within a year, and it has been an incredible experience building our wine list and sharing my passion with our guests and my colleagues.

Currently, my focus is dedicated to pursuing the prestigious Master of Wine qualification, a distinction held by only three individuals in the Netherlands and attained by 500 people worldwide in its 70-year history. The journey of learning about wine is a lifelong pursuit that never fails to inspire me. I have earned a reputation for asking those geeky questions at tastings. I love the nuances and complexities of wine. While I understand that the world of wine holds secrets I may never fully grasp, the joy for me lies in the journey of getting just a little closer to that understanding

Barbora’s personal Instagram profile is: @barborapeter

Marlon Rouw

While working in IT as a graduated Psychologist (which explains my Instagram name), I follow my passion for wine and discovering new flavors. Ever since I was a student, I have enjoyed choosing the best wine to pair with dinner. During a minor in Strasbourg, France, it turned out that wine courses were also taught in the beautiful Alsace region. After returning to the Netherlands, I immediately wanted to reselect the wines in the restaurant where I worked at the time. I organized a tasting for the entire team to discover new pearls. Subsequently I continued in wine education and successfully completed WSET 2 & 3.

My personal ambition is to inspire other wine lovers on Instagram, in articles and during wine tastings. Attending WSET 3 resulted in the appreciation of a great variety of wines, regions and wine making techniques. However, my personal favorites are full bodied wines, buttery Chardonnay’s, floral Viogniers, powerful Barolo’s and smokey Pinot Noir’s.

My motto: ‘Taste more, drink less’.

Marlon’s personal Instagram profile is: @dewijnoloog

We want to thank Barbora and Marlon, and are looking forward to collaborating with them to share our love for wine.