Weingut Schwegler x Restaurant de Koetsier 

Weingut Schwegler x Restaurant de Koetsier.

Last April 22, our Michelle attended the Winemakers Dinner at Restaurant de Koetsier. Winemaker Aaron Schwegler traveled to the Netherlands to let us have a taste of the Schwegler portfolio, together with some beautiful dishes made by De Koetsiers’ chef, Ayesta. 

Albrecht Schwegler Winery

Nestled in the heart of Germany’s wine country, the Albrecht Schwegler Winery has been producing some of the finest wines in the region since 1990. Now operated by Aaron and Julia Schwegler, the winery has become known for its dedication to quality and innovation in winemaking.

The wines are all produced using only organic materials, and with their 2019 vintage cuvee, they have certified their biological winemaking process that they had been using for decades. 

Their most important asset is the diversity in the terroir of their Remstal-vineyards. Surrounded by forest, orchards, and fields, there is a great variety of microclimates that give the grapes their unique characteristics. Each plot is vinified separately to be able to choose from the best elements year by year. 

Restaurant de Koetsier 

Right at the edge of the charming town of Boxtel in the Netherlands, Restaurant de Koetsier offers a unique dining experience, housed in a beautifully restored coach house. Every two weeks Chef Ayesta creates a completely new menu, using local seasonal products. Sommelier Martijn pairs the menu with carefully selected, non-ordinary wines. This unique location, and the fine-dine experience are definitely worth a visit! 

The Winemakers Dinner

The dinner itself consisted of 5 wines, each paired carefully with a beautiful made dish. Below a summary of the evening, including our ratings.

Weiß von den Parzellen

A wine from the ‘Von den Parzellen’ collection. A collection of wines that tell the history of the different parcels. 

‘Weiß von den Parzellen’ is a blend of 76% Riesling, 13% Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) and 11% Chardonnay. All Handpicked and partially ripened on 900 Liter oak barrels. 

An easygoing fresh and fruity wine that goes well with just about anything, anytime. DWA Score: 90.

Paired dish: Codfish | Dried Salted Fish Bao Bun | Peas | Samphire | Saffron | Puttanesca

Chardonnay Reserve | 2019

This 2019 Chardonnay is a 100% Chardonnay Cuvée coming from two separate parcels. 40% of this blend is aged on new barrels and 60% is aged on old barrels. After that, it ages another year on the lie in steel tanks. 

Fun fact about these two parcels; one parcel has direct sun and warmth all day. At night it cools down from the cool forest air. The other parcel only gets one hour of sun a day. 

A very well balanced golden yellow wine with tones of ripe fruit, herbs, and subtle tones of oak. DWA Score: 89

Paired Dish: White Asparagus | Almond | Celeriac | Grapefruit | Egg Yolk 

Pinot Noir Reserve | 2019

This Pinot Noir Reserve 2019 Cuvee is a blend from 5 different parcels and consists amongst others Pinot Noir grapes from a parcel with vines planted in late 70’s / early 80’s. Ripened for 18-20 months on oak barrels.

A very light red wine, juicy, fresh with a nice length and complexity. DWA Score: 90

Paired Dish: Lamb | Onion Gravy | Pearl Barley | Green Olive | Eggplant 

2018 Saphir | 2019

What a beauty this is. 43% Zweigelt, 32% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Cabernet Franc, 3% Cabertin. After pressing the wine, Aaron tastes and decides whether the wine will ripen on new or old oak barrels. 

A powerful wine, that Aaron describes as a sunset at sea. There’s one focus point, which is made even prettier by all the beauty in its surroundings. DWA Score: 92

Paired Dish: Scottish Highlander Sirloin | Ravioli | Butter Beans | Black Beans | Sage

85/15 Pet-Nat | 2019

The dinner was closed with this beautiful Pet-Nat from ‘The dark side of the valley’, where the Schwegler family owns orchards as well. 

85% apple and 15% Quince, make up this beautiful Pet-Nat. The second fermentation in the bottle gives it its sparkle. Very fresh, light and crispy. Great to end the evening with! DWA Score: 88

Paired Dish: Lime | Melon | Anise | Quark 


The Winemaker Dinner at Restaurant de Koetsier was an unforgettable evening filled with delicious food, and beautiful wines. The Schwegler family’s commitment to producing organic wines shone through in every glass, and Chef Ayesta’s creative and seasonal dishes were perfectly paired with each wine. 

We would like to thank both teams for their great work on the wine, food and service!

This event was covered by our own Michelle van de Vosse. Follow the links to learn more about Restaurant de Koetsier and the Schwegler Winery.