Revolutionizing the Fine Wine Industry: The Crurated Approach

Revolutionizing the Fine Wine Industry: The Crurated Approach.

In a world where the authenticity and provenance of fine wine are increasingly under scrutiny, and access to fine wine is becoming a real challenge, Crurated emerges as a beacon of innovation and trust. Recently we sat down with Paolo Sforza, Chief Commercial Officer at Crurated, to learn more about this company on a mission. 

Democratizing the World of Fine Wine

Founded in May 2021, by wine lover and tech veteran Alfonso De Gaetano, this online platform has quickly become a pivotal force in the wine industry, connecting wine enthusiasts and collectors directly with some of the world’s most esteemed winemakers. Through a blend of technology and passion for wine, Crurated is not just selling bottles; it’s crafting an entirely new wine culture.

The Genesis of Crurated

The journey of Crurated began with Alfonso’s vision to solve two critical issues plaguing the fine wine market: authenticity and provenance. The platform was conceived out of the need to provide wine lovers with direct access to genuine, high-quality wines, bypassing the risks of counterfeit products and poor storage conditions that often come with traditional distribution channels. With a foundation in technology, particularly blockchain and NFC, Crurated ensures every bottle’s history is traceable and secure, offering peace of mind to its members.

Alfonso De Gaetano, CEO and Paolo Sforza CCO at Crurated.

A Diverse Portfolio of Exceptional Wines

Starting with a strong emphasis on French wines, particularly those from the prestigious Burgundy region, Crurated has rapidly expanded its selection to include top-tier producers from Spain, Italy, and most recently, Germany. This expansion reflects Crurated’s commitment to diversity and quality, providing its members with a wide array of exceptional wines to explore and enjoy. The inclusion of Egon Müller, a renowned German Riesling producer, underscores Crurated’s dedication to representing the best in the market.

Membership and Bespoke Services

Crurated adopts a tiered membership model, crafted to cater to wine enthusiasts at various stages of their journey. Ranging from complimentary access to more privileged tiers, members are afforded a suite of benefits, including priority allocations, dedicated concierge services, and tailored advice from expert sommeliers to curate a personalized cellar.

The addition of Crurated’s innovative fractional barrel sales introduces a novel aspect to acquiring wine, granting members early opportunities to secure portions of sought-after vintages. This exclusive service permits direct barrel-to-bottle acquisitions, customizable in format and labeling. Membership levels dictate the quantity of wine accessible for purchase, unlocking doors to elite selections from celebrated regions like Burgundy and Italy.

Crurated’s philosophy extends beyond mere transactions, aiming to deepen the wine appreciation and collection experience within a community-centric framework.

Here’s a closer look at what each membership tier offers:

  • Explorer

The Explorer membership serves as the perfect starting point for those looking to begin their wine collection journey. This tier is offered at no cost, making it an accessible option for individuals who are new to the wine scene or those interested in exploring Crurated’s offerings before committing to a higher level of membership.

  • Connoisseur

Designed for those looking to expand their collection, the Connoisseur membership provides access to large-format bottlings, among other benefits. This tier is ideal for wine lovers who have a foundational understanding of wine and are interested in exploring unique and rare finds to enhance their collection.

  • Collector

The Collector membership is tailored for true wine enthusiasts who are ready to dive deeper into the world of fine wine. Members in this tier are invited to exclusive events, offering unparalleled opportunities to meet winemakers, participate in tastings, and join a community of like-minded individuals.

  • Ambassador

At the pinnacle of Crurated’s membership model is the Ambassador tier, designed for those who are serious about creating a high-value collection. Ambassadors are assigned a personal advisor, providing bespoke guidance and access to some of the most sought-after wines in the world. Ambassadors also have the opportunity to preview new offerings and allocations. This tier is suited for seasoned collectors looking for expert advice and exclusive opportunities to enhance their wine journey.

Curated’s innovative use of NFC and Blockchain technology ensures authenticity and provenance of your valuable wines.

Bridging Winemakers and Wine Lovers

At its core, Crurated facilitates a direct line between winemakers and consumers. This connection not only ensures the authenticity and quality of the wines but also allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the craft behind each bottle. 

Crurated’s success is built on strong relationships with wineries, ensuring that only wines coming directly from the producers are featured on the platform. This model not only promotes transparency and trust but also supports wineries in reaching a new generation of wine lovers, with 75% of Crurated’s members being below 45 years old. 

Furthermore, the B2B aspect of the platform enables restaurants and hotels to access a curated selection of wines, enhancing their offerings and providing guests with unique wine experiences.

Exclusive Events and Experiences

Crurated’s commitment to creating a vibrant wine culture is evident in its curated events and experiences. From winemaker dinners and masterclasses to intimate vineyard tours, members have unique opportunities to meet the minds behind their favorite wines and learn directly from them. These events serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, passion, and the joy of wine, strengthening the bond within the Crurated community.

Beyond access to great wines Crurated also provides access to knowledge through their events.

Looking to the Future

As Crurated continues to evolve, it remains focused on leveraging technology to enhance the wine experience. With plans to expand into spirits and other luxury goods, as well as exploring new regions and producers, the platform is set on broadening its horizons. Crurated’s innovative approach to wine storage and trading, offering secure, climate-controlled storage and a platform for members to trade wines, points to a future where collecting and enjoying fine wine is more accessible and enjoyable than ever.

In conclusion, Crurated is not just revolutionizing the way we buy wine; it’s redefining the relationship between winemakers and wine lovers. Through technology, transparency, and a shared passion for wine, Crurated is building a community where authenticity, quality, and enjoyment are at the forefront, making the world of fine wine a richer, more connected experience.

Join the Movement

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This article is written by our own Niels Aarts. We would like to thank Paolo Sforza for his time and insights. To learn more about Crurated stay tuned, as we share more about this amazing company. Picture credits: Crurated and Amanda Drost.