[News] Introducing DWA

Hello fellow wine lovers! Great to have you here and share my knowledge about wine. In spring 2020 I started my Instagram account Dutch Wine Apprentice and now it is time for the next step in the journey: a dedicated website.

I am here to learn you all about wine and teach you what makes wine so unique and versatile. On this website and my social profiles (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) you will find interviews with winemakers and professionals from the industry, reviews of wines and loads of other interesting articles about wine.

My goal is to teach you to appreciate wine even more than you do today, discovering new varieties and upping your game in the world of wine. It does not matter if you are a novice wine drinker and just love the occasional glass of bubbles, white or red, or if you are more of an expert on the topic. There are learnings here for everyone and I am happy to share.

Next to my online advice I help winemakers to grow awareness for their wines. I also help you to discover new wines and teach you what makes wines so great, through exclusive events or training. And if you are thinking about investing in wine, or want to start building your own wine collection, I even offer consultancy services to set you on the right path and expand your wine portfolio. You can read more about this in our services section of this website.

Please follow me online, and stay in touch through the website, social channels and sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this website). Cheers!!

Niels – Dutch Wine Apprentice