New writers to join Dutch Wine Apprentice

New writers to join Dutch Wine Apprentice.

We are happy to announce two new writers to the Dutch Wine Apprentice team, Jorick Wimmers and Chantal de Jong. These two wine lovers are ready to teach you more about the wines of the world, with passion a personal touch.

Jorick Wimmers and Chantal de Jong

With Jorick and Chantal we are again adding new expertise to our writing team. Both writers have a wide interest for the wines of the world and a never-ending thirst for wine knowledge, which they like to use to teach others about wine.

Dutch Wine Apprentice Founder and Editor in Chief – Niels Aarts on the expansion:

Passionate people are not only seeking knowledge for themselves but also keen to share their knowledge with others. Jorick and Chantal have shown us that they see a great opportunity in learning about wine, and teaching others about wine. These two new members will surely prove to be a valuable asset to our team of wine writers.

Jorick and Chantal will be representing us on various wine events and review wines that fit their palate. We are happy to work with both wine lovers and will let them introduce themselves to you.

Jorick Wimmers

My name is Jorick Wimmers and with great pleasure I can now call myself part of the DWA team. Since I moved to New Zealand in 2012 my passion for wine started. Here my head chef took me fishing and we took the fish to Marlborough’s finest wineries where we enjoyed the great food-wine pairings. He taught me about wine and ever since I found a new passion. 

Over the years I visited wineries and vineyards all over the world, and developed a great interest in Italian wines. The love, passion, people, food… It became clear to me that I was born in the wrong country.

Since I moved back to Holland I followed a variety of wine courses, including SDEN 3 and WSET 3, and since 2022 I can call myself Gastronomic Sommelier, after attending a course at the Academic of Gastronomy, where Peter Klosse thought me so much more than just wine.

Also, I am a wine importer for 3 years, and have the privilege to import wines from all over Italy and Austria, and I work also as a teacher in a primary school.  

I love being part of this team of passionate wine lovers. Shared passions connect, and through Dutch Wine Apprentice we are introduced to more beauty the wine world has to offer. Never stop enjoying your glass of wine!

Jorick’s personal Instagram profile is: @miocantinadelvino

Chantal de Jong

I am Chanti and I am thrilled to join the DWA-team. It still amazes me that such a beautiful product as wine exists. From the hard labor in the vineyard to the precision work in the cellars, every step in the process has an impact on the final result in your glass. And if everything goes right, you end up with the most delicious, exciting and heartwarming product. It truly is an art, the art of wine. 

My love for wine started many years ago, but only recently I started to pursue this love-interest of mine. It started off as a bit of a joke. “My hobby is drinking wine”, I would say. Or ‘borrelen’, as we call it in Dutch. But a number of courses, countless books and podcasts and even more glasses of wine later, I can proudly say that I have truly found a hobby and passion in wine. 

In terms of wine education, I completed Dutch SDEN 3 and are currently studying WSET 3.

I love learning about new regions, different varieties and beautiful wine and food pairings. Italy has a special place in my heart. I love the dedication and devotion to making a beautiful product and – most importantly – the culture of sharing this all with others.

As a legal professional I have always loved reading and learning. And thankfully this is a process without an end. There is a never-ending supply of wine stories to tell and wines to enjoy. I am honored and excited to take you along with me while I deep-dive into the world of wine. Cheers and until the next one!

Chanti’s personal Instagram profile is: @vinoconchanti

We want to thank Jorick and Chantal and are looking forward to collaborating with them to share our love for wine.