Jelena and Hermen to join Dutch Wine Apprentice

Jelena and Hermen to join Dutch Wine Apprentice

We are happy to announce two new stars to the Dutch Wine Apprentice writing team, Jelena and Hermen. Jelena has already represented us recently and Hermen cannot wait to get into action as well. These highly educated wine lovers are ready to teach you more about the wines of the world.

Passion for Wine

Both new team members absolutely immersed themselves in the world of wine some years ago and now found wine as a purpose in their life. Entrepreneurial as they are they both are building their business in wine besides their careers and busy family life. We are happy that they will take some time out of their busy schedule to work with us and strengthen our team.

Jelena and Hermen will be representing us on various wine events and review wines that fit their palate. We are happy to work with both wine lovers and will let them introduce themselves to you.

Jelena van Eerdenburg

My name is Jelena van Eerdenburg. I am a cosmopolitan citizen of this world with Master’s degree in Law who, 10 years ago, embarked on a life journey of discovering the alluring world of wine. Being an absolute book worm, I grew my wine library proportionally together with my wine knowledge; CMS certified with WEST 3 certificate, I have started my own company ‘Somm in the house’ in wine, knowledge & entertainment. Currently, I am ventured into WSET 4: Diploma course & Weinakademiker in Austria.

I hope my thorough knowledge and experience of expressing wine in words can motivate, teach and most of all entertain the Dutch Wine Apprentice audience. Considering my passion and discovering which emotions this living organism, namely wine, evokes in me; I love to write about the poetry in the bottle. So, I am a freelance writer for the ‘Wine and Food Association’ in The Netherlands.

Nevertheless, studying wine is like studying medicine. Firstly, you start generic and with years you unearth the topic which makes your heart beat even faster. In my case, Champagne is that increased pulse. Champagne maps my glorious adventures; it invites us into conversations and stimulates all our physical senses.

A glass of Champagne is joyful yet comforting, exciting yet seductive, never boring and never dull. Champagne, as my dear friend said: ‘It oxygenates my body… and keeps me alive!’

Jelena’s personal Instagram profile is @somminthehouse   

Hermen Jansen

My name is Hermen Jansen, I am 33 years old and together with my wife Marloes, our 2 daughters Louise and Charlotte and our newborn son Vincent I live in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

By day I work as a Legal Counsel and at night I am a Wine Advocate. The wine virus infected me a long time ago and since then wine always has been part of my live. I am SDEN-3 en WSET-3 certified and SDEN-4 and WSET-4 still are on the wishing list.

Wine is way to fascinating to remain undiscovered. By the name Origine Wijnen I share my passion for wine as a wine consultant, wine educator and wine writer. Origine is the “O” in AOC or DOC and represents origin. Every wine tells a story about its origin and I would love to help you discover it!

All kind of wines do have my attention, but I’m getting hot by cool climate wines. Cool climate Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc are getting me wild and you definitely can wake me up for a nice grower champagne blanc de blanc brut nature.

I am honored to be part of the team of Dutch Wine Apprentice and am looking forward to take you with me on this exciting wine exploration!

Hermen’s personal Instagram profile is @origine_wijnen

We want to thank Jelena and Hermen and are looking forward to collaborating with them to share our love for wine.

If you are interested in joining us feel free to contact us directly, via the contact section of our website or by reaching out to us on our social channels.