Coravin Three: Elevating Wine Enjoyment to New Heights

Coravin Three: Elevating Wine Enjoyment to New Heights.

Over the past years we have become happy users of Coravin, the wine preservation system that is loved by wine lover and professionals all over the world. Since its initial introduction a decade ago (in 2013) Coravin has become the ‘gold-standard’ when it comes to wine preservation, and a tool that is indispensable for everyone who loves wine.

The 10-year anniversary of Coravin is a nice occasion for us to look back on this invention that changed how wine can be consumed, and write a review for those who are not yet familiar with the product. In this review, we will provide an overview of the Coravin Three Plus, its contents, our experiences using it, and our overall impressions of this game-changing wine accessory. This model is the best choice out of Coravin’s Timeless range for most users and is a complete package delivered at a strong price.

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Coravin: Pioneering Wine Preservation

For those who may not be familiar with Coravin, the company has gained a reputation for its groundbreaking wine preservation technology. Coravin systems allow you to pour wine from a bottle without removing the cork or screw cap, ensuring that the wine remains fresh and unoxidized. It is a game-changer for wine lovers who want the flexibility to enjoy a glass without committing to finishing the entire bottle.

A Glimpse into Coravin’s History

Coravin, Inc. was founded in 2011 (first product to market in 2013), forever changing the way we interact with wine. The driving force behind this revolutionary concept was Greg Lambrecht, a man with a background in mechanical engineering and a deep passion for wine. Greg’s personal experience as a wine lover and his curiosity about the aging process of wine led to the inception of Coravin.

Greg Lambrecht’s lightbulb moment came during a dinner party when he wished to enjoy a glass of a rare and valuable bottle of wine without having to open it entirely. He pondered over the idea of accessing wine without removing the cork, recognizing the significance of preserving the remaining wine for future enjoyment.

With a visionary outlook and an unwavering commitment to his idea, Lambrecht embarked on a journey to develop a wine preservation system that would make his concept a reality. This journey led to the birth of the Coravin Wine Preservation System, a device that allowed wine enthusiasts to pour wine from a bottle while protecting its integrity.

Since its inception, Coravin has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation in the world of wine. The company has expanded its product lineup to cater to the diverse needs of wine lovers, introducing various models and accessories designed to enhance the wine-drinking experience.

Today, Coravin stands as a testament to the power of innovation in the wine industry. Greg Lambrecht’s vision has not only transformed the way we consume wine but has also earned Coravin a place of distinction in the wine world. The company’s dedication to quality, precision engineering, and a deep understanding of the science of wine preservation has made Coravin a trusted name among wine connoisseurs worldwide. Whether you are a seasoned sommelier or an enthusiastic amateur, Coravin’s commitment to preserving the essence of each bottle ensures that every sip is a moment to savour.

In essence, Coravin is not just a company; it is a testament to the passion and ingenuity of its founder, Greg Lambrecht, and a shining example of how innovation can elevate the world of wine appreciation to new heights. With the Coravin Sparkling as its latest offering, Coravin continues to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the world of wine preservation.

The Coravin Wine Preservation Technique

Understanding the science behind Coravin’s wine preservation system is essential to appreciating its effectiveness. The Coravin Three employs a clever technique that allows you to access your wine without compromising its quality or aging potential. Here’s a closer look at the science and technology at work:

  • Needle and Argon Gas

When you insert the Coravin needle through the cork or screw cap, it creates a tiny opening. The Coravin Three then uses a harmless, inert gas, Argon, to pressurize the bottle. Argon is heavier than air and forms a protective layer on top of the wine. This pressurization prevents oxygen from entering the bottle, effectively halting the oxidation process, which is the primary cause of wine deterioration.

  • Self-Sealing Cork or Cap

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Coravin system is that once the needle is removed, the cork or cap naturally reseals itself. This airtight seal ensures that the remaining wine remains pristine. Screw cap bottles obviously do not possess this ‘super-power’ but for this purpose Coravin invented the Coravin Screw Cap, which you place over the bottle and keep on the bottle to close off the air.

  • No Wasted Wine

Unlike traditional wine openers that require you to finish the bottle quickly to avoid spoilage, Coravin allows you to enjoy your wine at your own pace. You can revisit the same bottle days, weeks, or even months later, and it will still taste as fresh as when you first opened it.

  • Aerator Attachment

The optional aerator attachment (included in this package) further enhances the Coravin experience. By introducing a controlled amount of air into the wine as it is poured, the device optimizes the wine’s flavor and aroma, mimicking the traditional decanting process.

  • Versatile Needle Options

Coravin understands that not all wine bottles are created equal. The inclusion of different needles, such as the standard needle for corked bottles and the screw cap closure for screw cap bottles, ensures compatibility with a wide range of wines.

In essence, the Coravin Three’s technique is a harmonious marriage of precision engineering and scientific principles. By utilizing Argon gas and airtight resealing, it allows wine enthusiasts to explore their collections and taste wines without being limited by the need to consume an entire bottle in one go. It’s a wine preservation system that respects the art and science of winemaking, making every pour an exceptional experience.

The Product Itself – What’s in the Box

  • Upon receiving our Coravin Three Plus, we were immediately impressed with the completeness of the package. Inside the box, we found a comprehensive set of items:
  • Coravin Three Device: The main unit itself, featuring a sleek and modern design.
  • Standard Needle: Designed for use with most wine bottles.
  • Timeless Standard Screw Caps (2): Specifically crafted for bottles with screw caps (preserves wines up to three months).
  • Aerator: An attachment that enhances the wine’s flavor and aroma during pouring. You simply put this on the Coravin when pouring.
  • Carry Case: A stylish and durable case designed to keep all components organized.
  • Argon Gas Capsules (2): Two capsules included, serving as the magic ingredient to pressurize the bottle and prevent wine oxidation.
  • Needle Clearing Tool: Handy for clearing any potential blockages in the needles.
  • User Manual: Access to a comprehensive guide providing clear instructions on using the Coravin Three effectively.

Coravin Three Plus Package.

The inclusion of a needle for cork bottles, plus the screw caps and aerator demonstrated Coravin’s commitment to catering to the diverse preferences of wine enthusiasts.

User Review – Our Experiences

Using the Coravin Three proved to be an eye-opening experience that allowed us to savor wine in an entirely new way. Here’s an overview of our experiences:

1. Getting Started

We began by selecting the appropriate needle based on the type of bottle we wanted to open. We tasted both the cork and screw cap bottles with Coravin. Next, we loaded one of the Argon gas capsules into the device and securely tightened it.

2. Wine Selection

With our Coravin Three ready, we carefully chose the bottle of wine we wished to enjoy.

  • Optional step (for screw cap bottles):

For this you will need the Coravin Screw Cap. If you have a screw cap bottle you can still use Coravin. Coravin invented the Coravin Screw Cap, which you will need to replace the original screw cap on the bottle. You open the bottle and quickly switch the original screw cap for the Coravin one, and after that you can put your Coravin on top of it, using it in the same way as you would do with a bottle that has a cork.

Keep in mind that this Coravin Screw Cap has to stay on the opened bottle. So, you will have to use one cap for every open bottle. This system only lets you preserve the wine for about three months (opposed to years for cork bottles) and after about 15 bottles you will need to replace the Coravin Screw Cap.

3. Pouring with Precision

Holding the Coravin device over the wine bottle, we ensured that the needle was centered over the cork or screw cap. A gentle press of the trigger was all it took to insert the needle through the cork or cap, allowing the wine to flow gracefully into our glasses.

4. Removing the Coravin

Once we had poured the desired amount, we simply withdrew the Coravin. Miraculously, the cork or cap resealed itself, preserving the wine within.

Our Experiences

We put the Coravin Three to the test with various wines, spanning the spectrum from delicate whites to robust reds. The results were consistently impressive. Not only did it maintain the wine’s quality over time, but it also gave us the freedom to taste and enjoy wines without the pressure of finishing the entire bottle in one sitting. Some interesting observations and take-aways:

  • Variety of Wines

We started our Coravin journey with an assortment of wines from our collection. From crisp Sauvignon Blancs to bold Cabernet Sauvignons, the Coravin Three proved to be adaptable to a wide range of wine styles and bottle sizes. It was a pleasure to sample different wines without the pressure of having to finish each bottle in one sitting.

  • Exploration of Aging Potential

One of the most exciting aspects of using the Coravin Three was the ability to explore the aging potential of our wines. We were able to access and taste wines that were still evolving, tracking their development over weeks and months. It was fascinating to witness how flavors matured and aromas evolved as the wine continued to age in the bottle.

  • Special Occasions

The Coravin Three became our go-to tool for special occasions and celebrations. It allowed us to toast with our finest bottles without worrying about consuming them all at once. This made anniversaries, birthdays, and gatherings with loved ones even more memorable, as we could cherish exceptional wines without constraints.

  • Wine and Food Pairing

We experimented with wine and food pairings, using the Coravin to pour wines for various courses of a meal. The ability to enjoy different wines with different dishes enhanced the dining experience significantly. We found that the Coravin Three’s optional aerator attachment elevated the pairing experience, enhancing the flavors of both the wine and the cuisine.

  • Wine Tasting Events

Hosting wine tasting events became a regular occurrence with the Coravin Three. It allowed us to offer a diverse selection of wines to our guests, showcasing the uniqueness of each bottle. The Coravin became a conversation starter, captivating our guests with its seamless and innovative approach to wine service.

  • Vertical Tasting

A particularly memorable experience was conducting a vertical tasting of a single wine from different vintages. The Coravin Three enabled us to pour multiple vintages of a cherished wine, providing a side-by-side comparison of how each year expressed itself. It was a fascinating journey through time and terroir.

  • Wine Preservation

Above all, the Coravin Three excelled at its core mission—wine preservation. Bottles that had been accessed weeks or even months earlier retained their freshness, flavors, and aromas remarkably well. We could confidently say goodbye to concerns about wine spoilage, knowing that each bottle was preserved to its full potential.

Wine Tasting and Coravin, the ideal Combination.

Our collective experiences with the Coravin Three have been nothing short of extraordinary. It has not only expanded our wine-drinking horizons but has also added a layer of excitement and convenience to our wine journey. This innovative device has seamlessly integrated into our wine rituals, becoming an indispensable companion for every wine lover who seeks to explore, savor, and celebrate the world of wine.


In summary, the Coravin Three is a remarkable wine preservation system that has lived up to its promises. It elevates the wine-drinking experience, allowing us to explore a variety of wines at our own pace. Over all wine preservation systems that all on the market Coravin delivers, without a doubt, the best performance.

Also, worth mentioning: The included aerator was a standout feature. It noticeably enhanced the wine’s aroma and flavor, transforming each pour into an elevated tasting experience.


+ Best in Class: Coravin excels at preserving wine by preventing oxidation, allowing us to enjoy wine over an extended period (up to years without loss of quality).

+ Versatility: The inclusion of the standard needle for cork bottles, the Coravin Screw Cap and an aerator makes it suitable for various wine bottle types and preferences.

+ Ease of Use: Using the Coravin Three is straightforward and does not require any special skills.


– Cost: The initial investment may be high, but it pays off by preventing wasted wine.

– Argon Gas Capsules: Replacement capsules are needed, adding to the ongoing cost.

– Screw Caps: Needed for every bottle, stays on the bottle, adding cost.

While it is not the cheapest option, it is a valuable addition to any wine lover’s collection, ensuring that every bottle opened is a delightful experience from start to finish. Cheers to Coravin for revolutionizing how we enjoy wine!

Interested in Purchasing a Coravin?

Coravin can be bought in different packages and models depending on your needs. The system and all accessories are sold online through their own website, and are available world-wide. Coravin also sells directly to professional partners and a number of resellers.

The Coravin Three Plus, as discussed in this review, is currently sold for €259,99 and delivered to you at no extra cost when bought online in Coravin’s webshop. A pack of 12 gas capsules currently costs €69,99 (member price, normally €99,99). Each capsule is good for ~4 bottles (15 glasses).

P.s. If you love sparkling wines you should definitely check out our review on the Coravin Sparkling. This Coravin system is used for sparkling wines, and we wrote an extensive review about it earlier, which you can find here.

Coravin Three: Elevating Wine Enjoyment to New Heights