[Cellar Talks] Introducing the first 6 Episodes!

It is time to introduce the guests for the first 6 episodes of our talk show “Cellar Talks”! In this new show we will discuss all sorts of topics related to wine, with professionals from all over the world. We have tried to come up with a mixed guest list so there is an interesting topic for everyone. Below you will find a short introduction per guest and the topics we will discuss. The first edition of the show will be on the 11th of December 19:30h CET (via Instagram Live on our DWA account).

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111-12 19:30h@pelassa_wines
Daniele Pelassa
Piemonte, Italy
218-12 19:30h@vanessalenoreprice
Vanessa Price
Big Macs & Burgundy
308-01 19:30h@jamesflewellen.wine
James Flewellen
Wine Education: 
Wine Maps
415-01 19:30h@vdp.weingutrappenhof
Elisabeth Muth
Rheinhessen, Germany
522-01 19:30h@belondradevinos
Jean Belondrade
Rueda, Spain
629-01 19:30h@waterandwines
Water & Wines
Wine Education:
Wine Puzzles

Line-up for the first 6 episodes of Cellar Talks

A short summary of our first guests:

Soon more on all the guests but write down all the dates and be sure you do not miss out on your favs!

We will be broadcasting on Instagram Live, always on Friday night at 19:30h CET, with a break around Christmas and New Year.