[Cellar Talks] The Talk Show: Introducing Season 4

On the 4th of November we started a new season of our talk show Cellar Talks. As we are currently also broadcasting our “special edition series” with Grandes Pagos de Espana we decided to announce the regular episodes one by one.

In the meanwhile we broadcasted episode 1, 2 and 3 of season 4 and we are happy to announce the remaining 3 episodes of the season. In this overview you will find all episodes of the season, and our guests.

We started the season in the north of Italy, the Friuli region with Riccardo Caliari from Spolert as our first guest in episode 1. After that we continued our journey to South Africa where Carolyn Martin from Creation wines showed us what the Walker Bay region has to offer in episode 2. In our third continent of the season we interviewed Amanda Barnes, the author of the South America Wine Guide, and took a dive into the various wine regions of South America during episode 3.

In the second half of the season we will continue in Europe. We will be discovering wineries from the Netherlands, Spain and France. Below you will find the broadcasting schedule and a short description of our guests. Stay tuned for the full introductions per episode, in the weeks building up to the air dates.

Spolert Winery
Friuli, Italy
Creation Wines
Walker Bay, South Africa
South America
Wine Region:
South America
Min Zeven Winery
The Netherlands
Bodega Sei Solo
Wine Region: 
Ribera Del Duero, Spain
Domaine Belargus
Wine Region:
Loire, France

Line-up for Cellar Talks Season 4

A short description of our guests:

  • Spolert Winery In the north of Italy you find some of the freshest and mineralic wines around, wonderful indigenous grape varieties that have been around for ages but are finding their place on the world stage again. Riccardo Caliari has set out his quest to do just this, producing great wines in the Friuli region, made from grapes such as Friuliano, Schiopettino, Refosco and Ribolla. You can read the full profile and recording of this show here.
  • Creation Wines One of our favorite wineries in South Africa. Creation is located in the Walker Bay appellation and more specifically in the Hemel-en-Aarde ridge. Carolyn and Jean-Claude Martin mainly grow French grape varieties and produce Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Chenin Blanc and other great wines that are top of the list in South Africa and beyond. You can read the full profile and recording of this show here.
  • South America A continent we did not cover before, so it was time that we took a dive into this important part of the wine world. For this occasion we invited one of the most knowledgable experts on the region; Amanda Barnes. She recently published the best and most complete book on the continent, the South America Wine Guide. You can read the full profile and recording of this show here.
  • Min Zeven winery Although we are Dutch we never covered a Dutch winery. But are there any good wineries in the Netherlands? And is it even possible to grow grapes and make wine there? For sure! We found a great example and intriguing story in Min Zeven winery, from Cordula Eich. On what was once the bottom of the sea, still 7 meters below sea level, she is making a great sparkling wine. Which we will discover and discuss in this episode.
  • Bodega Sei Solo Javier Zaccagnini is a legendary winemaker from Spain, he was one of two founding partners in the famous winery Aalto (Ribera del Duero) and after that played a big role in the success of Ossian (Rueda region). Now he runs his own winery in Burgos (Ribera): Bodega Sei Solo. We will discuss Javier’s career, his winery and great wines in this episode.  
  • Domaine Belargus In the closing episode of the season we will visit one of the iconic wine regions of France; the Loire region. Here we discovered Domaine Belargus, a project by Ivan Massonnat. Only recently started their wines made from Chenin Blanc are already leading the charts and they even managed to take the full score (100 points) in Robert Parker’s Loire report. An amazing project started from nothing, build on historical grounds.

We will be broadcasting on Instagram Live, always on Friday night at 19:30h CET, for instructions on how to join us click here.

All shows are recorded and can also be watched on our IGTV channel (also accessible through our instagram profile). If you did not have a chance to tune in for season 3 (or 1 and 2) you can watch the recordings through this link.We are also converting all previous episodes into Podcasts, more information and links to that can be found here.