[Cellar Talks] S06E03 Isole e Olena – Paolo De Marchi

[Cellar Talks] S06E03 Isole e Olena – Paolo De Marchi.

As part of our special project ‘Tuscany a Journey through Five Lenses’ we are bringing you 5 brand new episodes of your beloved talk show Cellar Talks, live on Instagram.

On Friday the 10th of November we are broadcasting the third episode of this series, which will take you to the heart of Tuscany’s Chianti region. Our guest is one of Italy’s icons and top winemakers Paolo De Marchi from Isole e Olena.

Chianti has seen many changes over the last decades, but Sangiovese has always been a part of their success. Paolo De Marchi is one of the winemakers that saw the real potential of this variety and managed to create a legacy that even exceeds top famous part of Italy, especially with his red ruby ‘Cepparello’.

About Isole e Olena and Paolo De Marchi

Isole e Olena Winery is a beacon of Tuscan winemaking heritage, led by Paolo de Marchi. Paolo’s journey in winemaking began in his childhood, influenced by his family’s deep connection to the industry and further nurtured by experiences in Europe and California. His time in California during the 1970s’ winemaking renaissance deeply impacted his approach, blending tradition with innovation.

The winery is renowned for its distinct wines, including the celebrated ‘Cepparello’. Paolo’s approach emphasizes the purity and quality of Sangiovese grapes, a philosophy reflected in their Chianti Classico, which will soon have a higher Sangiovese requirement aligning with Paolo’s beliefs.

The Cepparello, the apex of their winemaking, is a pure Sangiovese wine that showcases the grape’s essence. It marks a bold departure from tradition, focusing solely on quality over labels. This wine symbolizes Paolo’s commitment to the terroir and local heritage.

Isole e Olena’s story parallels the evolution of Chianti itself, playing a pivotal role in the region’s rise to international acclaim. Paolo’s blend of history, tradition, and innovation not only elevates their wines but also influences the broader winemaking community in Tuscany. His willingness to share knowledge fosters a culture of excellence and collaboration in the region.

Overall, Isole e Olena under Paolo de Marchi’s stewardship represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in Tuscan winemaking, producing wines that honor the land, the grape, and the rich heritage of Tuscany.

About the Tasting

During the show we will be drinking the 2010 vintage of Isole Olena’s Cepparello, together with Paolo. An icon vintage of this jewel. We reviewed the 2020 vintage of this wine earlier, awarding it with a 96-point DWA score. You can read this review here.

This interview is free to watch, no registration needed. Just tune in and prepare your questions if you want to learn more about Chianti, Isole e Olena and Paolo De Marchi.

  • Date: Friday the 10th of November
  • Time: 20:00-21:00h CET
  • Place: Instagram Live

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