[Cellar Talks] S06E01 Bibi Graetz – Bibi Graetz

[Cellar Talks] S06E01 Bibi Graetz – Bibi Graetz.

Cellar Talks is back! As part of our special project ‘Tuscany a Journey through Five Lenses’ we are bringing you 5 brand new episodes of your beloved talk show, live on Instagram.

Next Friday (20th of October) we are kicking it off with an amazing guest, the talented artist and winemaker Bibi Graetz. In just about 20 years Bibi has risen to Italy’s winemaking elite, and his beautiful red and white wines (in particular Testamatta and Colore) are highly sought after and enjoyed, all over the world.

About the Winery

At Bibi Graetz Winery, tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously. Bibi’s deep respect for Tuscan winemaking heritage is evident in his commitment to working with indigenous grape varietals and practicing sustainable viticulture. His vineyards are treated as living ecosystems, fostering biodiversity and promoting the health of the soil.

What sets Bibi Graetz apart is his willingness to experiment and challenge conventions. He combines traditional methods with modern techniques to craft wines that reflect the terroir and capture the spirit of each vintage. This fusion of tradition and innovation has led to the creation of wines that are both authentic and distinctive, appealing to both connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of wine.

The winery’s portfolio is a harmonious symphony of wines, each telling a different story of Tuscany’s terroir. From rich and expressive reds like Testamatta and Colore to elegant whites such as Colore Bianco, Bibi Graetz Winery crafts wines that capture the essence of the land and the passion of the winemaker.

About Bibi Graetz

Born into a family of artists, Bibi Graetz initially pursued traditional art, studying at Florence’s renowned Accademia della Bella Arti. However, destiny had other plans for him, leading him to fall head over heels in love with winemaking. He took on the family estate in Vincigliata and, more recently, acquired the historic Villa Aurora in the charming village of Fiesole, overlooking Florence. It’s within these picturesque settings that Graetz has cultivated his cult wines, Testamatta and Colore, as he passionately pursues the art of winemaking.

Bibi’s creativity and respect for Tuscany’s heritage show in his wines that center around old vines that are indigenous to the region. His Tuscan reds (but also his whites from the island of Giglio) are both an ode to the past and testament for the future.

About the Tasting

During the show we will be drinking an older vintage of Bibi’s flagship wines: the 2016 Colore. This wine expresses all Bibi stands for and is a beautiful story in a bottle (to learn more about the most recent vintage, 2021, read our review here).

 Bibi Graetz’s Colore is a dazzling gem that captivates the senses with its remarkable energy and liveliness. It stands as a testament to Graetz’s artistry, where tradition converges with innovation, resulting in a wine that exudes a unique sense of place. In Colore, the tradition of Tuscan winemaking meets the innovation of contemporary craftsmanship, resulting in a wine that is undeniably a masterpiece.

The most recent vintage of Colore, 2021, as rated by us.

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  • Date: Friday the 20th of October
  • Time: 19:30-20:30h CET
  • Place: Instagram Live

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