[Cellar Talks] S01E06 Water and Wines – Wine Puzzles

On Friday the 29th of January we are joined by Yamit  from Water and Wines for the 6th edition of our talk show “Cellar Talks”. Yamit will join us to talk about her career in wine and one of the coolest innovations of 2021; her wine puzzles. We will talk about the birth of this great new product, her idea behind the puzzles and how she combines fun with learning.

About Water and Wines

Water and Wines is founded by Yamit, a Sommelier with a deep rooted passion to share the beauty, history and knowledge about wine, while trying to make the world just a little bit better at the same time. Yamit means “small sea” which is why here company is named “Water & Wines”. Yamit works with a team of illustrators and Sommeliers that have pursued a common passion to share the wonderful world of wine with as many people as they can. Their purpose, passion and mission is to share their knowledge about wine in a fun and creative way.

Their journey has already been a long and win(e)ing road before they stumbled upon the idea that the best way to learn is to play. All of this starts with their first collection of wine puzzles; The Old World Collection. The puzzles are made with love in Sweden, designed in Italy and produced in Poland.

With this collection of puzzles they wanted to give people access to some of the most iconic wine countries of the world. Starting with France, Italy and Spain. But it does not end there. Water and Wines has more planned; which we will of course discuss in our upcoming show!

About Yamit

When talking to Yamit you experience a real passion, one that only shows itself when people follow their heart. Her own story is just as interesting as that of her company. Yamit has an international background, having lived in various countries, and developed a taste for culture and change.

Yamit is a real “smart cookie” with a background in finance, IT and an executive MBA but more so ever she has developed a real taste for the joys of life (like wine). Wine has always been part of her life so she decided to exchange her corporate life for a career in wine, studying wine and becoming a certified sommelier.

Like many of us 2020 for her was a year of reflection, where Covid-19 also had an impact on her live and way of thinking. Her sense for business never left her, and over the last year she decided to fully commit to her new company and product. Her first products, the Old World Puzzle collection, are about to hit the shelfs and available to be purchased world-wide.

We are very happy that Yamit decided to make some time so short before the official release and cannot wait to talk with her about all her ideas and passion! Be sure to tune in on Instagram Live through our Dutch Wine Apprentice account on Friday the 29th of January, 19:30h CET.

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